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Tim Wright – Spotlight Cairns

It’s been a busy year for local singer-songwriter Tim Wright.

Tim along with his band King Pig notched up performances at Kuranda Roots, The Flying Boy Tour which stretched from Mackay to Port Douglas and two shows at The Tanks (including a support slot for Augie March) which added to an already impressive resume. Recent airplay on Triple J alongside a strong local following has helped cement ‘The Pig’ as one of Cairns top bands.

We caught up with Tim ahead of his performance at Flying Monkey Café in support of ’43 Others’ for Spotlight Cairns this Saturday 24th Oct.

You’re involved in a lot of different projects including King Pig, The Middle Name James, The McCormacks as also your own solo works, what’s your main focus at the moment?

“Right now I am focused on writing and performing as Tim Wright. King Pig is taking a little break but we are planning to go back into the studio in January and begin work on a new album and some singles/film clips. I want to tour further abroad next year, more festivals and play in the bigger cities.”

King Pig’s track ‘Right Sun’ got a spin on Triple J last week, which must have been a big thrill?

“Super exciting man, I jumped around the house for a few hours like a kid. I have been listening to the J’s for a long time and to get the play was a life goal. There is nothing in Australia that can reach the audience I want to reach like JJJ. Big thanks to Sarah Howells for the play.”

Yourself and Phil Tsilemanis played alongside a bunch of Cairns acts at Townsville Cultural Festival, how was that experience?

“It was a really good time. Greta Stanley, Sian Evans and Jeremiah Johnson were amazing as usual but the best bit was meeting artists from other places that I wouldn’t normally get to meet. I got harp lessons and got my first play on a Hung which was awesome. Townsville is really maturing as a spot for artists. People like Sam Wright and Jake Reid are creating a spot for musicians to collaborate and gain exposure. I have long thought that while Cairns and Townsville are too small to be a viable entity on their own together it can make for a great music scene.”

You recently returned from a trip to Melbourne, what were you doing down there?

“I busked my way from Cairns to Melbourne and back down the Newell Highway. I raised the money for fuel and food by busking. It is amazing how generous the people in these smaller towns are. There are also a lot of great venues along the way that are very keen to get acts in. That was a big part of the point of the whole thing. Finding places for Cairns acts to gain exposure. Once I was in Melbourne I got my busking license with Dal Smart and we busked around the city. I played at some of the outer suburbs shops. I also did a couple of open mics and some demo recordings in preparation for the album.”

We saw you starting doing some presenting for Balcony TV, how are you enjoying that experience?

“I love it! I have an opportunity to highlight the talent of Cairns. This town really bats above its average and I grew up here. I remember in the early 2000’s you had to leave town to go anywhere and I want to be a part of changing that. You can live here and play elsewhere and it doesn’t have to be a negative. The Balcony crew is all about highlighting the talent; they are not making any money from the filming or the artists. I wouldn’t be involved if it was a money making scheme. Rachel is great to work with and Chris and Glenn are absolute legends. In 10 years we will be looking back at these videos and reminiscing and I am super happy to play a small part in that.

You’ve got a gig coming up this Saturday at Flying Monkey for Spotlight Cairns?

“Spotlight is a great idea and it’s wonderful to see the council getting behind the scene in such a big way. They are doing great things for the younger artists in Cairns. Leanne Tennant is an amazing person and an exceptional talent who has also been out there and done it and understands the music industry on a wider level.”

Tim Wright performs at Flying Monkey Café in support of ’43 Others’ for Spotlight Cairns on Saturday 24th Oct from 10am till 11am. Tim is also playing a set at the Grand Hotel Resonate night this Thursday night from 7.00pm

Mitch Sullivan

The Spotlight project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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