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Timothy James Wright – Love Is A Wasteland

Former King Pig frontman has stepped out under his own moniker Timothy James Wright with a new single and film clip “Love Is A Wasteland”. I asked Tim why the name change.. “Timothy James Wright is the new name now. Just streamlines things and really I never call myself that so it’s a stage name anyway. It was hard moving away but I got a lot of positive reaction when I did. It’s still Dal and I being the motor”

The film clip produced by Ewan Cutler features the outback Nth QLD surroundings of Chillagoe, I asked Tim why the location choice.. “I wanted to find somewhere very desolate to capture the mood of the song. We looked at going way out into western central queensland but it was just too far so after a fair bit of searching we came across the smelter stack in chillagoe. I loved the desolate broken landscape in front of it but it turns out it was desolate for a reason; the site was toxic still from being a slag heap back in the early 1900’s. We ended up shooting around chillagoe at balanciing rock, the ramparts and the dump. Chillagoe is quite desolate anyway and the vibe changed but it worked out great. Visit chillagoe if you haven’t. It’s gorgeous.”

The new song has more electronic feel than previous releases, indeed, synthesisers are the most prominent instrument in track besides Tim’s voice. Tim explains “I don’t really worry to much about what kind of music I have done before unless it’s to try to not do it! This one came about because I had the song but had never had a chance to jam it with the band so I played it to Mark (Myers) and we had a go at it. We started with the chords and 3 arpeggiated synths. One doing a kick drum like pattern with the Root note. Another doing a snare pattern with 3rds and a high hat pattern with the 5ths. I mean we just tried to do what we thought sounded cool. I wrote the guitar riff and Mark did his thing and voila. It’s a lot like what I heard but it’s a simple song and it’s about the vocal really and I had that worked out”

So can we expect a new album from Tim soon? “We will be releasing an album sometime very soon. It’s all done and dusted and ready to go. We are just waiting for the weather to clear up and the big red guy in the flying sleigh to do his thing . There should be another single and video clip as well. The album is a very eclectic beast. There is a ton of different stuff on there. Some of it has moments like this and it’s still us but there is a lot of different genres on there.”

Check out the new film clip for Timothy James Wright’s track “Love Is A Wasteland” below:-

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