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Vince Jones – Jazz Up North

Having set the benchmark for Jazz Singers in the country since the late 70’s, the enduring Vince Jones returns to The Tanks Arts Centre as part of the Jazz Up North series on Friday 7th April. Having been a regular visitor to the region over the years, Jones will be bringing his quartet for an evening of contemporary jazz not to be missed at Cairns premier live music venue.

“I’ve played The Tanks three times in the past half a dozen years and I find it a great place to play. It’s beautiful there.” said Vince Jones.

Since releasing his debut album ‘Watch What Happens’ in 1981, Jones has enjoyed an international career with over 20 releases to his credit. Having also been known for his remarkable interpreter and composing skills, Jones contemporary jazz style has wide appeal with listeners and musical peers a like.

“Jazz is all about the music. You have to respect it. Respect the previous masters and the songs. You play it because you want to improve yourself and improve the music. It’s unlike corporate Rock or Pop music which is more orientated by sales, where we (Jazz) are more orientated by the music. In my opinion that music isn’t of a high standard, it’s more of a high standard of marketing. Someone like Lady Gaga for example, it’s all about her and not the music.”

Having been inspired by his father’s copy of ‘Sketches in Spain’ by Miles Davis at a young age, Jones taught himself to play trumpet and started his early career as bebop player on the Sydney jazz circuit before taking centre stage as a vocalist.

“I’m a big fan of Miles Davis, and also John Coltrane. The singer Charlie Parker was great too for learning. I really like the 60’s jazz as well as the 40’s and 50’s, but I think it really evolved from the 60’s. Hendrix said that Jazz is where modern rock and funk came from. I wasn’t much into Rock music as a kid but I appreciated it and respected it.”

Being one who prides himself on creating music without borders, Jones is particular about the musical company he keeps, and continues to enjoy playing with the best jazz musicians in the country. His shows reflect the respect all involved have for the art form of Jazz.

“There are a lot of great players in this country and still enough clubs in the cities supporting it. Not so much as America or Europe, but it’s still there and it still has a mild ascendency. It’s not like it was when I was coming on the scene, but I think the young musician will kick start it again, and also the audience will too once they learn. It’s like a strange food that they’re not used to it. Then all of sudden they get it and from there it’s very enjoyable to listen to.”


Vince Jones performs at The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 7th April as part of the Jazz Up North series. Doors open 6.30pm. Show starts 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticketlink.

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