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Vivien Aisi – Far Northern Soul

Cairn’s own soul/R&B diva Vivien Aisi is set to be featured at the Tanks on Saturday the 18th Sept, along with GeorgiaXByrne and Tessa Divine as part of The Tanks Grassroots program.

Vivien Aisi has her heart set on the big stage. Motivated from her own journey as well as the stories of others, Vivien writes about life experiences & messages creating an experience she likes to refer to as “music for the soul” blending genres embellished with Soul and R&B undertones layered with Pop elements. Discovering her passion from an early age, music became a part of her everyday life.

Vivien explains;

“My first memory of singing was at a party and I must’ve been about 4 or 5 – my grandfather used to play Sue Thompson”s Sad Movies all the time, so I had memorized all the words and sang in tune… He put me up on the table and got me to sing. I remember the joy of singing and that feeling has stayed with me till now – never gets old. My mum listened to a lot of popular music from the 60s/70s/80s & dad plays guitar/ keyboard so my whole family grew up with music singing /harmonies/ playing instruments. Playing music kept 8 kids in the household in order. Now each sibling has 2- 4 kids each so it’s like one big band with a choir”

Vivien recently aquired a new backing band “Palm Avenue” and has already been in the studio recording new original tracks with them. I asked Vivien what her plans with Palm Avenue were.

“We are planning to release a couple of singles before the end of the year and gear up for 2022. We would love to play more festivals and push more original material out. We don’t stick to a particular genre or sound which is very cool & refreshing. We are a fairly new band (less than a year old) but work so well together. Each member brings their own unique creative mind and sound to the table and so far have written 4 1/2 songs which we will showcase at the Tanks”

And what can we expect at the Tanks Show?

“We will be performing a few tracks from my EP with the Palm Avenue flavour, a taste of a couple of tunes off the next Album and a brand new 2 week old Palm Avenue track”

Vivien Aisi plays The Tanks Arts Centre on Saturday the 18th Sept, with Tessa Divine and GeorgiaXByrne. Tickets available through Ticketlink

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