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Why Wait – Disconnected

Why Wait is 3-piece Rock band from Townsville. In mid-2014, the band released their debut EP, Disconnected, which shows the band’s ability to fuse catchy melodies and a pop sensibility with tight, guitar-driven Rock sounds. The trio have showcased their high-energy stage show alongside big names due to a bunch of hi profile support slots. Why Wait took to the road for the first time in April 2015, with a successful self-booked tour that included shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Caloundra. With the recent addition of drummer Gabriel Stathooles, the band is currently laying the groundwork for EP #2 and further touring. NQ Music Press caught up with guitarist/vocalist Dylan Russell ahead of their Cairns show at the Grand Hotel Garageband gig on the 15th August.

Where do the bands influences lie?

Our influences come from far and wide. As the main songwriter, anything I listen to on the regular probably creeps subconsciously into the writing. The most obvious influences come from 90s-00s Aus Rock (Grinspoon, Silverchair, You Am I) to classic rock (Led Zeppelin) and also a lot of pop music (some respectable, some not). Our new drummer Gabe Stathooles comes from a metal background so he has brought some of that to the table as well. Overall, nothing is pre-meditated when we write, which has led to some eclectic contrasts between our soft and heavy songs. We try to keep a nice energetic flow in our live set, which sometimes means leaving the softer songs at home.

You guys seem to have landed some pretty sweet support slots in Townsville, how did they come about?

We have shared the stage with some great names; we appeared at the 2009 and 2011 Full Noise Festivals, which included bands like Frenzal Rhomb, Eskimo Joe, The Vines… the list goes on. We won Battle of the Bands competitions to get both of those gigs. Last year we were lucky to open for British India at Flinders Social in Townsville. But, like most bands, for all of our good opportunities there were dozens of the ‘other’ kinds of gigs: bad venues with bad sound and minimal crowd support.

Can you tell our readers what direction the upcoming new EP is going compared to your Disconnected EP?

So far, the new material we have been working on is sounding quite a bit more mature than the Disconnected EP. The overall feel could be described as similar: guitar-driven rock songs with pop hooks. However, it seems that the rock has overtaken the pop a little, and the guitar amps have been turned up a bit closer to 11.

What’s your ultimate direction for Why Wait? Are you seeking fame and fortune or just having fun?

Our main aim as Why Wait is for people to hear our music and see our live show. It’s always exciting to play to potential new followers in different cities, as we did earlier this year in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Caloundra. More touring is near the top of my ‘To-Do’ list at the moment. First stop: Cairns.

Where did the band name come from?

The name Why Wait originates from experiences we had while playing in previous bands. Around here, you really need to push and be proactive in order to get any traction in the scene. We’d encountered some very unhelpful people in that time, so we thought, why wait? Let’s take things into our own hands.

What can Cairns punters expect from your upcoming Garageland show?

We’ll be looking to bring a high-energy rock show that keeps the heart rate high and the beer flowing from start to finish. Hopefully some tunes that get stuck in people’s heads and bring them back next time we visit Cairns.

Todd Macalpine

Pic by Laura Hodder

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