Progressive Tan

Progressive Tan – E.P

If you’ve ever sat on a beach, agendaless & unfussed, taking in the sunset and a long cool drink then this E.P. is the soundtrack to such lazy joy. Progressive Tan perfectly capture the island vibe, the tropical flavour and laid back sense of being barefoot in your head.

There’s a big combination of talent here -ex-FNQers Kazman (Dubmarine), Rudi Quinzalez (Die Rude) were in Hot Rubber Glove. Dougie Fresh (Zionites &MC extraordinaire), the rocksteady drummer and sublime lead guitarist Mr. Roy Arabejo complete this faculty of flair.
There is no front-person focus – the songs are king, the lead vocals shared and backed up with choice harmonies. These fellas fit effortlessly together like brothers born in the same lagoon-side shack.

Taking inspiration from Jamaican vocal groups they gather many forms of Caribbean roots -ska, blubeat, mento, reggae even latin. With these authentic ingredients they have brewed up their own holistic style -bubbling with effervescent charm and laced with sly wisdom. This collection of originals is immediately accessible, instantly sing-a-longable. They sound like classics off the radio and that’s not easy to do. It’s a real tribute to their song writing skills and deep understanding of the musical traditions that they love.

The skankin’ rhythm section is on the money but loose’n’easy like they’re just breathing the groove. Smart acoustic guitar riffs and hooks  set up the songs so that the vocal melodies and smooth harmonies float and soar like Ulysses butterflies on an sea breeze. Topped off with some exotic electric lead guitar solos these songs are cocktails to soothe the mind and soul. But it ain’t all picture-postcard loveliness -on “Politician” the Tan chant down Babylon and “Cool Like That” just exudes rudeboy cheek.

With one canny eye on the ways of this crazy old world, the Tan live and breathe sweet appreciation for natural pleasures and simple truths. It’s a timeless feel and essential for hyped up times, blissfully beyond any fashion or trend. They  have crafted with love, songs that will become a soul soundtrack for the good times in your life. So chuck them dodgy sunnies and ditch the greasy sunscreen, lay back and get some Progressive Tan.

You can hear and purchase the Progressive Tan E.P here.

Gawain Barker

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