Amber Farnan 2022 Sept

Amber Farnan – Bolt From The Blue

Cairns Indie-pop singer-songwriter, Amber Farnan, crafts songs of raw emotion with euphoric, luminous textures and timbres, weaving a tapestry of graphic and compelling lyrics. Her high powered vocals and universal songwriting style have come together with the release of her upbeat new single “Bolt From The Blue” on her debut EP,

 The Motions. Amber’s previously released tracks, “Muse” and “The Hollow” will also feature on the EP with “Bolt From The Blue”, along with a not yet released fourth song, “Glass Castle”. The Motions is out in the world today.The EP was recorded at Mountain Kauri Studios in the Atherton Tablelands, Danbulah by Mark Myers (The Middle East), who also did the mixing. The songs were later mastered by William Bowden (King Willys Sound). Producer Mark Myers gives the EP a different, fresh sound that really brings Amber’s songwriting to life. Compared to one of her earlier singles, “Over & Out”, “Bolt From The Blue” and “Glass Castle” have more of an indie-rock feel to them. “Bolt From The Blue” was co-written with the talented folk-pop singer-songwriter and good friend, Nick Keogh. Amber and the Melbourne based artist met over an Instagram live that she hosted for musicians during the early days of COVID-19. They wrote the duet over multiple zoom sessions and the song concept was written around the idiom, ‘a bolt from the blue’ – meaning something totally unexpected.

Amber explains the EP track by track: “The Motions traverses the different stages of a relationship, whether that be romantic or platonic, and the ‘motions’ we are all constantly going through in life”.

“Muse” carries a sophomore innocence and naivety, before bursting into “Bolt From The Blue” – an ode to the wonderful fever dream that is the early stages of a romance. The tone then shifts into a melancholy yet powerful ballad telling the tale of the realisation of the toxic grips of a relationship with “Glass Castle”.

“The closing track “The Hollow” erupts onto the scene with a newfound strength, self-actualisation and self-realisation, personifying not only a selfish individual, but also the feeling of emptiness that being around them effectuates”.

“I would like the listeners to enjoy and hopefully relate to the songs in some way, whether that be through shared experiences or hopes and dreams. I feel that “The Motions” has a universal feeling of relatability as the songs emphasise the ‘motions’ in life”.Amber is building a name for herself in the musical realm, having 

The future looks bright for this talented, and wise beyond her years, singer-songwriter!


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