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ARC Beats Launch “Joy” CD

The journey commenced back in 2009 when ARC launched a drumming program using old tyres wrapped in tape. Flash forward 8 years, the ARC Beats are now a well-known drumming troupe within Cairns, regularly performing at Cairns Regional Council and other community events. To celebrate this success, with the support from Arts Queensland, Cairns Regional Council RADF grants and Pegasus Studios, the ARC Beats are excited to be launching their first CD ‘Joy’.

The launch of ‘Joy’ is the beginning of the next chapter for the ARC Beats who are looking to encourage drumming within the local community, and celebrate our drummers. A tutorial book has been created to further assist drummers to develop and become leaders within their own right. ARC Beats drummer Hayden has lead drumming workshops with Trinity Bay High School and at the Tanks Children’s’ Festival. “Teaching others to drum is rewarding, and it is exciting especially when we all drum together as one. I love the performances in the Community and I hope we get to drum into the future, with the pathways to do another album together,” says Hayden.

ARC Beats Drummer Jana stated, “It’s been a privilege to record this album with Nigel Pegrum. It was confronting drumming in the one sound proof room. We were all squished in together, with microphones in our faces. It was exhausting playing parts over and over and over again”
ARC’s General Manager of Programs, Sheridan Lawton, who has been supporting the ARC Beats effortlessly since the inception back in 2009 stated “ a truly an inspiring story of hard work, commitment and continued goals but also sharing their passion of drumming to the community along the way”.

“ARC is always looking to support people with disabilities as active participants within their own communities, and this is another success we have been able to be a part of. The ARC Beats continue to amaze me every time I hear them, as they have continued to perfect their craft. I am looking forward to obtaining a copy of the CD at the launch on Thursday” stated ARC’s CEO, Benjamin Keast

the CD will be available for purchase at the Launch at 52 MacNamara Street, Manunda 11pm-12pm Thursday 25th May alternatively from ARC Disability Services office 92 Little Street, Manunda, North Cairns. Tel 4046 3600 or email

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