Area 13 Vague

Having 2 original albums under their belt already, Area 13 came in to the Pandamonium studio to record the track “Vague” for the Northern Exposure 2021 compilation. We caught up with singer/guitarist Kev Boorman about the track..

“We had been mucking around with the idea of this song for a while and when the opportunity to record for the Northern Exposure album came up, it was the song that stood out.  We’re super happy to be a part of this production and can’t wait for the release”

“Vague was written in the south west of Japan where I was living back in the late 90’s and is the story of some drunken encounters in an “Irish Bar”.   I walked into the bar and there was a young Englishman who’d clearly had one too many Guiness.  He looked up and saw me and his first words were, “Where am I?”  The song starts there and I’m sure there are more than a few of us who can relate”

Area 13 will be performing at the massive launch party for Northern Exposure 2021 at Skypark (A.J Hacket) on the 17th of April along with the 15 other bands featured on the compilation. Tickets are strictly limited due to COOVID plan so it is advised to pre purchase your tickets to ensure entry. Tickets are available here:-

You can checkout the rest of the tracks on Northern Exposure 2021 HERE

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