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Bigfoot Mafia – Let it Burn

Bigfoot Mafia have just released their new track “Let It Burn” I caught up with singer and bass player Rob Bryant about their latest release..

“We recorded this one with Mark Meyers at Big Sister Studios and had the mastering done at Studio 301 in Sydney. The track is called Let It Burn. It’s inspired by the feeling you get when you reach the end of your rope and you want to unleash every bit of anger you’ve ever buried deep inside. When you want to burn every bridge and walk away”

Let it burn is released as a single, Bigfoot Mafia have previously released an album “Home Sweet Nowhere”, I was curious about Rob’s take on the validity of the album format in the streaming age..

“Let it Burn will eventually be on our second album, but that’s still a work in progress at the moment and won’t be ready until some time next year. I think the album format is less important than it used to be thanks to streaming and digital download stores like iTunes, but I have always thought of albums as kind of an audio timestamp of a band at the point that it was made, and I think it’s cool to listen back through an artist’s catalogue of albums and listen to how their sound has changed with each one. In terms of marketing though, we can definitely get better value if we drip feed singles consistently rather than putting out 10 or 12 songs at once on an album”

And that curious Bigfoot Mafia moniker..

“The name is something I came across late one night when I was clicking through random shit on the internet. I was reading a forum about Bigfoot hunting in America, which is genuinely a mutli-million dollar market in the States for some reason, and there are areas in America that are hotspots for Bigfoot sightings. The guys with the most money and equipment, guns etc… move in to these areas and push out the smaller guys, so the amateur Bigfoot hunters call them the Bigfoot Mafia. It’s taken on a second kind of meaning for us too though. We can relate to these Bigfoot hunters in a way, as we’re both chasing something that most people would tell you is impossible, so it struck a chord with me and after a bit of convincing, Jason was on board with it and Bigfoot Mafia was born”

Bigfoot Mafia definitely punch out a big old school rock sound, when asked about the band’s influences Rob explained..

“It’s a bit of a melting pot. My main influences would be 90s grunge era stuff, Jason is into more bluesy stuff and classic hard rock stuff, and Peter is an old school metal head.
It’s great because we each bring a slightly different perspective to each song we write together”

Todd Macalpine

Bigfoot Mafia will be playing the “At The Edge” Gig on Friday night at the Edge Hill Tavern along with Zephyrbeez and The Brazilians.

Check out the lyric video of “Let It Burn”

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