Bigfoot Mafia – Wicked Way

Bigfoot Mafia recently recorded the blistering “Wicked Way” track for the new Northern Exposure 2021 compilation. The trio have been making an impact with their debut album “Home Sweet Nowhere” and their dynamic live shows have been impressing punters wherever they play.

NQ Music Press caught up with lead singer and Bass Player Rob Bryant about the track:-

“Wicked Way is about connecting with someone on such an intense level that there are no secrets between you, the sex is amazing and you fulfil each others wildest fantasies”

Bigfoot Mafia will be performing at the massive launch party for Northern Exposure 2021 at Skypark (A.J Hacket) on the 17th of April along with the 15 other bands featured on the compilation. Tickets are strictly limited due to COOVID plan so it is advised to pre purchase your tickets to ensure entry. Tickets are available here:-

You can checkout the rest of the tracks on Northern Exposure 2021 HERE

Photo by Allyson McGrory

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