The Brazilians Dark Tattoo Still

Dark Tattoo by The Brazilians

Local rock stalwarts The Brazilians have just released a new track and accompanying video “Dark Tattoo” 

Dark Tattoo is a preview of what is to come on the bands sophomore album on track for release in September this year.

Dark Tattoo video clip

“Dark Tattoo is a song I have had kicking around for a while, I originally recorded it with The King Snakes in the late 90s and that album is out of print and I thought The Brazilians would do the song justice, and it would sit well next to the new songs we have on the album” said Brazilians primary songwriter Todd Macalpine.

“We first played it at Walsh River festival and it went down real well, a lot of people were coming up asking us what that first song was, so we though it would be good to record a new “Brazilianized” version and include it on the new album”

The band will be performing Dark Tattoo and a selection of other new tracks from the upcoming album this Saturday 26th June at Skypark (A.J Hackett) 1pm – 5pm entry is free!

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