Dee Lunar The Darkness

Dee Lunar – The Darkness

After 2020 and the global pandemic , North Queensland based artist Dee Lunar with her blend of grungy melodic and Indi rock vibes started writing what would become The Darkness. 

Increasingly distrusting the Government, the mainstream media and the global narrative she was absolutely disgusted with the constant fear mongering , watching those ratings grow with the darkness and the opportunistic power grab by grubby politicians and unelected health officials. 

Every time she turned on the TV or looked at social media it was like been in a horror show , ” trapped in a tv show and they want to grow the darkness, watch those ratings grow they grow and grow with the darkness ” Starting with some gritty guitar the song soon became an anti establishment rock anthem. 

Dee , never one to conform to the norm decided now was the time to voice her discontent at the authorities and the world at large . ” I don’t want to put such negative content out into the world, but this last year or so it seems to be my only inspiration” 

This will be Dee’s 10th release , recorded at Pandamonium Records by Todd Macalpine as part of an upcoming EP.        

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