Dragonfly – Listen To The World

Bob Vidler was the singer / songwriter for former Cairns band The Killer Beez. (2000 – 20006)

The Killer Beez performed live in and around Cairns, and toured south to festivals and events up and down the east coast.

During the band’s time together, they played a bevy of great supports with national touring bands including the John Butler Trio, Pete Murray, Paul Kelly, Alex Lloyd, the Mentals, the Androids and INXS.

In Cairns, Bob was also an active gig organiser, putting on gigs throughout the city for other bands and audiences to enjoy.

He had a great run at the Green Ant Cantina as the host of its infamous open mic, and its back-stage full-band events.

The Killer Beez released an EP – One Something Beautiful and produced a music video for their track ‘The Jig’.

These days Bob resides in Nagoya Japan. He moved there in 2013 to support the family, after a sudden death in the family.

After getting himself established, he turned his sights to forming a new band.

In February 2016 DRAGONFLY was born. Bob’s new band gained an immediate following and they set to recording their first album ‘Guiding Lights’.

Since the album, DRAGONFLY have released a series of singles accompanied by music videos.

On November 20th just passed, DRAGONFLY released their latest single ‘Listen To The World’.

The track solidifies a new direction for the band. With Bob making more use of the electric guitar (after being a solid acoustic guitarist for many years), and the band also picked up a keyboardist who contributes a vibrant and memorable piano track to the new single.

The new single is richly textured and full of electric energy.

Listen To The World brings to mind music by Bruce Hornsby, Jackson Browne, Steve Winwood, Toto and even a little U2.

DRAGONFLY’S full catalog (six releases) is available via their bandcamp page and the video is up on YouTube.

bandcamp page >>> https://dragonfly.bandcamp.com

YouTube page >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrK5vbrvbkVHZtcXX8xt3hw/videos

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