Esscine – New Single “Perfection”

There’s a new act on the local scene, Todd Macalpine investigates Zimbabwe born (and now Cairns resident) “Esscine” ahead of his new single release on May 23rd.

Esscine to release new single “Perfection” on May 23rd 2014 via The single marks the beginning of a 10 track mix tape to be released track by track over the next 3 months culminating in a performance opening for the Cairns Festival in August 2014. Esscine has been selected to feature in the “Spotlight Showcase” at the Cairns Festival on Friday 29th August from 6pm.

When asked what punters at Cairns Festival can expect from his performance Esscine replied “I am a one man band, I use samples, sing, rap, use effects pedals, do looping and also use live instruments like keyboards. I create music “on the fly” so to speak.”

Esscine is the solo project of Zimbabwean born, Matthew Bell. The music can be described as soulful, electronic hip-pop. A true 80’s child Esscine has been influenced by the sounds of Phil Collins, Sting & The Police using modern remakes of 80’s synths using his iPad as well as the modern production styles of Kanye West, James Blake and Outkast..

Esscine looked back fondly on where his 80s influences came from “The 80’s was a time when I was too young to really understand what was going on, I was taking the world in, including all of those gated reverbs. I guess that sound reminds me of that childlike awe and wonder I felt. That’s what I love about it.”

The project aims to exemplify the dualistic nature of reality and the delicate balance of yin/yang energy in the universe by incorporating retro sounds into modern productions, angelic vocal samples with hard hitting pitch-shifted vocals and blending acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

Esscine is currently working on a debut EP to be released late in 2014.