Finding Time – King Of The World

Although a new band, only playing their first gig a few weeks ago, Finding Time are comprised of a bunch of seasoned players who got together to have some fun and play a few gigs. The Band recently recorded the original track “King Of The World” at the Pandamonium Records studio for the Northern Exposure 2021 compilation. NQ Music Press caught up with singer/guitar player/songwriter Jason Anderson about “King Of the World”

“King of the World is essentially a song about my Mum and Dad, who have both passed. The jubilation of seeing my daughters come into the world and them not being here to see them grow.

It was initially written on an acoustic guitar, falsetto style (not very good either) and titled,  ‘Thinking of You’. After a few years a guitar riff and chord progression, that I saw more as a pattern evolved and I started singing the verses from the acoustic song and added a different chorus, that had ‘All of Us’ rockin’ to Led Zep in a dream landscape.

Steve Williams added a colourful middle eight, lead guitar licks to spice it up, keys and bongos. Rob (bass, Backing Vocals), Brad (drums, BV) & Steve took the song to the next level which gave it a real cruisy rock sound. Steve suggested the song for Todd’s Northern Exposure CD. I’m truly thankful to the band and Todd who glued it all together”

Finding Time will be performing at the massive launch party for Northern Exposure 2021 at Skypark (A.J Hacket) on the 17th of April along with the 15 other bands featured on the compilation. Tickets are strictly limited due to COOVID plan so it is advised to pre purchase your tickets to ensure entry. Tickets are available here:-

You can checkout the rest of the tracks on Northern Exposure 2021 HERE

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