Greta Stanley 2019

Greta Stanley – Follow Suit

Far North Queensland singer-songwriter Greta Stanley has returned with a brand-new single “Follow Suit”, the latest track off her just-announced new EP ‘Sun In My Eyes’.

The EP, produced by long-time collaborator and producer Mark Myers (The Middle East), is an introspective and confessional insight into living and growing from youth to adulthood in the tropical, beautiful, and sometimes isolating Far North Queensland.

Touching on themes of depression, anxiety, and heartache, the EP also explores the beauty of nature, the comfort of home, the importance of friendship, and the personal journey of falling apart before finding a way to pick yourself up again.

Following on from previous release “Kick” with latest single “Follow Suit” (out today), Greta is once again offering her own unique perspective on the highs and lows of life. In one hand completely intimate and personal, and in the other recognising that there are others going through it all too – struggling on, fighting the fight, forging ahead.

Greta beautifully describes those universal doubts and fears of life, while also managing to highlight the magic moments when they come around, and weaving them into how she sees the world:

“Follow Suit is about wanting to pull away and wanting to feel something more but not knowing how, or when, or where to go. It’s a song I wrote when I was questioning my reasons for continuing to do things I didn’t want to do, and a lot of my friends were too. Because we were afraid of change and the unknown. It’s about how quickly your mind can change – to being sure and moving forward, to feeling like time is slipping and you’re stuck still – full of uncertainty.”

‘Sun In My Eyes’ EP was produced by Mark Myers with additional production from Tristan Barton, and will be available on all digital platforms on July 26.

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