JuJu Moon

JuJu Moon – Dr Love

Mission Beach band Ju Ju Moon recently converged on the Pandamonium Records studio to record a track for the new Northern Exposure 2021 album. We Caught up with band members Ian and Karen Stewart about the song..

“Hold onto your hat and keep your pants on for the moment … this prescription calls for Dr Love”
The song describes a character in a show that we wrote a few years ago for festivals. Dr Love had discovered an alien conspiracy to steal all of the beavers on Planet Earth. He appeared as a highly perceptive and charismatic but rather sleazy ‘doctor’. Towards the end of the show he discovers that the secret to repelling the beaver stealing aliens was to encourage everyone in the audience to perform some interpretive dancing. They invariably did so and the aliens fled accordingly.It didn’t make much sense then and still doesn’t… good song but!

We chose this track to record for the Northern Exposure 2021 project because it’s fun to play and basically rocks. Playing live with JuJu Moon is like having a fabulous ‘JuJu’ party with some great mates. It’s like a family – we call it the JuJu family. We acknowledge everyone’s quirks and celebrate the fun energy that each person brings to the gig. Punters at a JuJu Moon set have often remarked on how that energy between each band member is obvious and we all look like we are having a great time – that’s because we are. We can’t wait to share the party with everyone at the upcoming album launch April 17.

Recording with Todd Macalpine at Pandamonium Records was a great opportunity for us to work with another producer who is a passionate supporter of original music in the far north. The session was relaxed and Todd’s professional manner made us all feel at ease as we worked through the takes in just under 4 hours. Our fastest ever song recording! We’d like to thank Todd for the time and energy he has put into this entire project. 

JuJu Moon is the songwriting, recording and production collaboration between Ian and Karen Stewart.  Based at South Mission Beach they are supported in this by a talented, energetic and committed group of musical friends. Franny Francis-Piper, Kent Gibbins, Ian Preece, Kym Hall and Shabaun Jones are the current JuJu lineup. They’re firing up their amps, horns, drums and voices rehearsing for the JuJu Moon Northern Exposure 2021 set to be played at the AJ Hackett Skypark. 

It’s not all beavers and aliens though. JuJu Moon songs cover much of the human condition; love and lust, life and death, from simple joy to ‘what the hell is going on here?’Want to know more about JuJu Moon? Head to www.jujumoon.com for further info, tracks, videos and blogs from the band. 

JuJu Moonwill be performing at the massive launch party for Northern Exposure 2021 at Skypark (A.J Hacket) on the 17th of April along with the 15 other bands featured on the compilation. Tickets are strictly limited due to COOVID plan so it is advised to pre purchase your tickets to ensure entry. Tickets are available here:- https://ajhackettcairns.wildapricot.org/event-4179213

You can checkout the rest of the tracks on Northern Exposure 2021 HERE

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