Lontano – Depending On You

Lontano have just released ‘Depending on you is the first instalment (and the title track) of Lontano’s second album, which will be out later this year.

Lontano’s new single ‘Depending on you’ (Out NOW!) is a theme song for everyone who understands that life is too short to play games with the people we love.

Our time together is precious – it’s worth being honest about our feelings, recognizing when we need someone, and also trying to be dependable ourselves. 

“I don’t wanna sit and wait / for someone else to take control”

Lontano (Italian for “distant” or “far away”) is a songwriting project featuring Anthony Dettori(The Sunburys) and Roz Pappalardo, who live 1000 miles apart but share Italian heritage and a passion for spacious, earthy, alt-country storytelling.

Lontano’s self-titled debut album proved an accidental soundtrack for our times – a collection of engaging duets, exploring the impact of distance and celebrating the emotional gravity that tugs at the space between people.

Their follow-up long player will continue Lontano’s deep dive into the physics of human connection, as they consider the impact of time, and the confronting emotional landscapes we encounter on life’s journey. 

Check out the new single through your favourite music delivery service – https://gyro.to/dependingonyou/

Depending On You has also of course been added to the FNQ Music Radio playlist

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