Rozz Pappalardo 2021

Roz Pappalardo – ‘Life’s Like That’ Single Release

You might know Roz Pappalardo from women in docs, the long loved, champagne infused folk duo who continue to steal the hearts of those across the nation who love a good harmony; you might know Roz Pappalardo from The Kitchen Sessions, the arts and cultural live-stream she created to promote regional musicians when everyone else stopped working; you might know her from her involvement in countless community songwriting projects including The Soldiers WifeBig Sky Girls, Songs of Murray Street; you might know her as an actor and writer of theatre having appeared on countless theatrical stages across the world with her own penned works.
 Now meet Roz Pappalardo, solo artist and producer.
Life’s Like That, due out on Friday 29 January 2021, is a nod to resilience, rolling up your sleeves, digging in for the long haul and inspirational people who do it all the time. Surrounded by strong people all her life, Roz comes from a first generation immigrant Sicilian family, who toiled on cane fields in Far North Queensland when they first arrived in the 40’s. Working through tropical summers, with severe rainy seasons, cyclones and untold pestilence – no one gave up. The entire family, the women, men and children kept pushing through what would seem like the impossible at the time, because ‘Life’s Like That. Today is a good day. We’re still here, reflecting and appreciating, with a smile. And good food.

“Writing and recording the album was a deeply personal process for me, driven by a simple desire to hold nothing back, to be brave and put out the record that I’ve always dreamed of”, says Roz.

As she returns to venues, whether online or in reality, to perform her solo record, Roz’s legion of fans will find an artist full of the gutsy passion she is known for – but with a sense of confidence and a willingness to lay it all bare. Nowhere is that more apparent than on her striking new self-produced solo album, Won’t Be Quiet, due out this year.

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