Roz Papallardo 2021


Roz Pappalardo will celebrate the release of the 4th single, Won’t Be Quiet, from upcoming album of the same name, Friday 16 April 2021, with a run of intimate  shows throughout Queensland, including a launch party at Brothers Jenkins Coffee shop in Cairns on 22nd of April.

Won’t Be Quiet is a story of love and courage despite time,distance and fatal illness. I met Althea on an 18-hour train trip from Brisbane to Townsville as a songwriter documenting  the trip of 40 war widows on their annual pilgrimage to Friendship Day celebrations in Townsville. Althea’s husband served in Vietnam, and upon his return to Australia was diagnosed with an awful debilitating illness. He died due to what she and family can only put down to Agent Orange. Althea shared with me that  she is tired of pretending and lying about what her husband died from, and why other members of her family are unwell. She told me she won’t be quiet anymore, and if someone asks,  she will speak up,” says Roz.

‘Won’t Be Quiet’ single release will be supported by the following  Queensland shows:
Fri 16 APRIL 7PM @ THE DUST TEMPLE, CURRUMBIN  with Kristy Apps (Tickets HERE)SAT 17 APRIL 2PM @ THE BEARDED LADY, WEST END BRISBANE  with LT Leanne Tennant (Tickets HERE)THU 22 APRIL 6.15PM @ BROTHERS JENKINS, CAIRNS with LT Leanne Tennant (Tickets HERE)

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