Shirley Lynn – Let The Love Flow

Local songwriter and recording artist, Shirley Lynn has released a new song ‘Let The Love Flow’.

Eclectic in style, her latest release is a cinematic, synth style song with dark, mature edges showcasing beautiful melodic and lyrical ideas. From its sensitive intro to the explosive chorus, “Let the Love Flow” is written to capture emotional feels and affirm loving support of being yourself. Though open to interpretation, it’s emotional, haunting and reflective.
#EmbraceDiversity #EmbraceLove #LettheLoveFlow

Shirley wrote the song with Sydney based songwriter, Elizabeth Usher. She recorded her vocals here in Cairns and Adrian Hannan from The Song Store in Melbourne produced, mixed and mastered the song.

The song is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and available for download on iTunes.

An Online Video Premiere Event took place on 13th March featuring the release of “Let the Love Flow” video compiled by Shirley Lynn to support the release of the song. It’s a visual feast with imagery that adds to layered meaning of the song. Available now for on demand viewing on YouTube where you can subscribe to Shirley Lynn Music Channel.

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