The Roadtrippers – Skinny Dingo

The Roadtrippers, the acclaimed rock ensemble from Far North Queensland, are excited to announce the release of their latest single, “Skinny Dingo.” Renowned for their eclectic fusion of acoustic country and electrifying rock ‘n’ roll, the group introduces a fresh, humorous narrative set against an irresistibly catchy melody in their new track.

“Skinny Dingo” narrates the comedic tale of a man plagued by a crafty Australian dingo that persistently steals from his campsite. The single is characterized by its lively, engaging rhythm that promises to captivate listeners and leave them with a lingering tune in their hearts.

The five-piece band, comprises of two father & son combinations, Gav & Albert Dear on vocals, guitar and drums and ‘Pando’ & Arrami Harrigan on rhythm and lead guitar, the latter born and bred Cooktown local Indigenous Australians. On bass guitar is long term member Lee Greaves.

Frontman Gavin Dear, known for his recent heroic actions during the 2023 December Rossville floods, made news headlines across the country and an honorable mention from the Prime Minister. His compelling songwriting, brings the story of “Skinny Dingo” to life with his vivid lyrics and dynamic performance.

Praised by Richard Fidler of ‘The Conversation Hour’ as a blend of “The Doors meets Jack Kerouac & Slim Dusty,” The Roadtrippers have established a unique niche within Northern Australia’s music scene. Their sound—a dynamic pastiche of country ballads, garage rock, and post-punk—reflects the vast landscapes and rich narratives of the Australian outback.

“Skinny Dingo” is more than a single; it’s a celebration of Australian culture, humor, and the vibrant spirit of its people, including the significant contributions of Indigenous Australians to the nation’s musical tapestry. Fans and new listeners alike are invited to experience this captivating new release, which is set to become a standout track in The Roadtrippers’ diverse and engaging repertoire.

“Skinny Dingo” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Embark on this uniquely Australian musical adventure that beautifully marries traditional influences with modern rock sensibilities.

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