Walk With Me

Too Fold – Walk With Me

Townsville collective Too Fold, fronted by songwriter Allan Treuel have released a new song and video “Walk With Me”

According to Allan, “The idea was to get local people from different backgrounds and cultures coming together to have some fun. In a world where everyone is living a crazy life, chasing profits and working too hard we need more community and friendship”

Allan picked up the guitar again about 10 years ago, got a few lessons to get some ideas and started writing a song or 2. He wrote half a dozen songs, then arrived in Townsville got involved in the open mic scene particularly TMPAS at the Old Courthouse Theatre.

Allan decided to record some of his songs and chose the Rec Room where Sam Wright was owner/producer.

“I also heard some originals by JT Allen and liked his sound, so we got together and recorded some more. I have 7 now that I am happy with. I am hoping to finish with an album and several music videos.”

“I was at another Open Mic when I met Shaan Braun who was taking photos of the event. He had a small video production business. When we talked about the fact that he had not done a music video and I had a recorded original. A plan for the Walk With Me video was commenced”

“So, the first video is Walk with Me, where a bunch of people got together at the Stellarossa Café in Fairfield Central Shopping Centre. All Townsville locals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we had some fun. The idea was to express in a very subtle way that this crazy life, of chasing profits and working hard was not necessarily the ingredients for a happy community. We need friendship, respect and understanding. Hence the Café of Peace and Love”

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