Winifred – Carpet Of Flowers

London via Townsville ethereal alt-pop artist Winifred has released EP ‘Carpet of Flowers‘ following a premiere on triple j’s Home and Hosed. The focus track, ‘Carpet of Flowers‘ is inspired by the parallels between the human condition and the fragility and beauty of nature, encapsulated by Winfred’s captivating harmonies: I want a love like a carpet of flowers under my feet. 

Born and raised in Townsville North QLD, Winifred recently relocated to th eU.K to further her musical career.

‘Carpet of Flowers’ was written as Winifred was walking through Islington listening to verses of poetry before a session with London-based producer Tutara Peak. The verses and pre-choruses delve into the cyclical nature of being trapped in perplexity and longing, with the first and second verses bookending each other. A contrast between confrontational introspection and elevated, defined desire, this confusion and repetition are perfectly offset by the chorus’ euphoric rise to a place of clarity and self-assurance.

Reflecting on the writing experience, Winfred noted, “I see ‘Carpet Of Flowers’ like a journey, almost like a written/visual allegory where the verses and pre-chorus’ represent the low places and the chorus’ represent the high places. As we were writing, I could feel the production and lyrics capturing my imagination and embodying my senses.”

“‘Carpet Of Flowers’ has this ethereal quality that touches on the intangible and is about asking myself the same questions repeatedly and never rising above the state of being constantly perplexed and wanting.”

The release of ‘Carpet of Flowers‘ is accompanied by a hypnotic music video, weaving deeper into Winifred’s visual tapestry, following on from the cinematic world established by previous singles ‘Blue Fire,’ ‘Want It Bad,’ and ‘Fixed On You.’

‘Carpet of Flowers’ is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms.

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