Barfly: The Mosh Pit

The Moshpit was a weekly column in Barfly by the amazing Sharon Lenehan. When Sharon left Cairns, she was sorely missed by the scene. Sharon’s Mosh Pit column in Barfly was legendary. People would read it  just to see who she had pissed off, and who was in favour that week. Her support of local original music was unwavering, as was her ability to tell it as she sees it, regardless of who she pissed off. Kudos must also be given to editor Tony Hiller, who coming from a folk background, probably didn’t like a lot of the noisier stuff, but he sure did support it in the mag by letting people like Sharon (and myself) have a good run. Barfly didn’t support local music  by running dodgy band competitions and awards nights designed to sell papers and get their advertiser venues free bands. Barfly took the novel approach of having someone who understands & loves music attend gigs, listen to music, then write about it.  After all, isn’t that what the press should be doing?

The Mosh Pit Barfly 1999