Timothy James Wright presser

Timothy James Wright – East Coast Tour

With the success of his latest single “Love Is A Wasteland”, Cairns local Timothy James Wright is set to win over audiences on his newly announced east coast tour. Starting out in Tamworth, you’ll be able to catch their atmospheric blend of indie roots at local venues across Australia in the first half of 2018.

Moving through genres but never arriving at any one in particular Tim Wright and his band create unique melodic landscapes that tell stories and touch heartstrings. From apocalyptic bluegrass to synth driven dark pop it’s life seen through the eyes of a man forever on the run.

“Love Is A Wasteland” is an ethereal new single from the 5 piece band. Taking the melody and chords from the guitar, they used 3 synths to create a melodic groove in place of a drum kit, giving the songs it’s expansive feel.

“Love is a wasteland is a break up song. It’s about that point in a relationship when you know with your head that it’s over and you need to move on but your heart doesn’t want to hear it.” – Tim Wright

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