Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues

Featuring musicians hailing from New York City, Uruguay and Tel Aviv, Yemen Blues first burst onto the world and contemporary music scenes in 2010 creating a world-wide buzz that has only gotten louder and more intense since then.

Israeli singer and composer Ravid Kahalani founded the rare combination of top musicians in association with co-founder and fellow Israeli musician Omer Avital.

The group’s original sound and world-renowned live performances have invented a new language in contemporary music, provoking joy wherever they play.

The success story that followed has taken them all over the world performing and collaborating with globally celebrated bands including Oxmo Puccino and Mariem Hassan.

The mambo and African rhythms combine to create a powerful energy and deep foundation with lyrics that remind the audience of ancient Arabic chants with threads of funk and blues.

The result is a powerful energy that mixes Yemenite, West African & jazz influences.

The simple and powerful message behind Yemen Blues’ music is basic humanitarian awareness.

Yemen Blues Plays the Tanks Arts Centre on Saturday the 9th of June as part of their world music series.

Tickets for Yemen Blues available through Ticketlink

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