Cairns Compact

Cairns Compact

Cairns CompactIt was back in the heady days of 1995 that local community radio station 4CCR FM released the ambitious double CD of local original music. An eclectic, some may say odd mix of country, folk, pop, reggae, easy listening, alternative rock and more. Some of the artists have since gone on to completely different musical styles.  Some of the artists are sadly no longer with us (Raymond James Molloy, Ken McKay). However, it is an interesting snapshot of the local music scene at the time. Tony Hillier, editor of Barfly magazine at the time wrote in the cover notes:-

This double compact disc marks the 10th anniversary of community radio station 4CCR FM. Situated n Cairns, the station commenced broadcasting from 89.1 mhz on the FM band in February 1985, following a year of test transmissions. Each year the quality of the service, and the quantity of programs has grown, so that now listeners can enjoy programs covering the spectrum:- From blues, folk, country, jazz, new age, classical to all forms of rock, reggae, hip hop, world music and other alternative sounds, plus many things in-between.

The station come of age as it were, at the start of 1993, when it commenced round the clock broadcasting. A few months later when it set up a satellite dish, it entered the space age, acquiring access to the bbd world service, SBS radio, and the public radio network of Australia.

During 1995, the station took outside broadcasts from such significant music events as  WOMAD in Adelaide, The East Coast Blues Festival, the Maleny Folk Festival and the big Day Out (it also aired outside broadcasts from local events such as little day out and envirofair).

But above else, 4CCR FM is committed to exposing and showcasing the talents of local musicians and in this regard, Far North Queensland is blessed with a tremendous wealth of talent. the Strength-in-depth of musicians in this part of the world is reflected in the tracks on this double compact disc, which represents a cross section of styles and performers.

I hope this album pays back local players for their loyalty over the years. Without their support 4CCR FM, which relies heavily on fund-raising concerts for much needed revenue may not have got this for.

Finally, thanks to all those that have made this project possible. thanks to the musses themselves, and commiserations to those that missed the cut, for whatever reason.

– Tony Hillier

We have added both entire CDs to the NQ Music Archive for your listening pleasure:-

Cairns Compact CD 1

Ken McKay – Bartulumba Bay

Andy Collins – Same old Story

Dennis Rose – Yarrabah

Eramn’oq – In The Back Of His mind

Michael Knopf – Caracas (inst)

Jane Modric – Pretending Tomorrow

Sheer Zone – Datura

Jim Sackley = Bright City Lights

Barbary Coasters – Along For The Ride

Gert Admiraal – Almost Famous

Barry Cedric – Love, Respect and Care

Clancy – Go With The Flow

Raymond James Molloy – The Working Man

Ray Elias – Daintree Road

Peter Cullin – Undara Dreaming (inst)

Jill Sanders – Beautiful Lady Of Mine

Tony Hillier – Walking the Line


Cairns Compact CD 2

Ivan Deemal – Firefly

Mangrove Jack – Gondwanaland

Back Street Mozart – Maccas Blues

Tony Rose – The Photographer

Joe Wilson – Seamans Rhyme

Peter Ella – Upolu Cay

Carinda Christie – Sea Breezes

Alan Andrewartha – Living At The Top

Ray Saunders – And up Came The Moon (inst)

Russell Harris – Crying

Bourbon Gorillas – Sea Of Love

The Sound Sculptors – Leeway (Inst)

Nerve – Ciao Daintree

Crawling King Snakes – Another Morning

Mr Fidget – Every Seed

Mantaka – Living in Kuranda

June Graham – Song