Pandamonium 2000

Volume 2 coverThe one that nearly happened and the the one that nearly got away. Back from the dead after about 10 years. After the original Pandamonium compilation CD I was in 2 minds about wether I would put myself ¬†through it again. Due to an overwhelming response, I did it at the last minute, didn’t have time to get CDs pressed before the gig and had to burn and print CD covers by hand. Consequently there weren’t many left after the gig (again at Dunwoodys). To add to this. after a few years the CDs became unreadable on most CDs players, until recently I found one copy that would rip in a certain CD player. And here it is! Hop you enjoy. Some great stuff on this one, Snakecharmer, Hot Rubber Glove, Manseed, BIOS (my electronic alter ego, and 1 of only 2 tracks I ever put on one of these compilations myself!). Ribbed for Pleasure also get 2 tracks. – Todd Macalpine