Garrington t Jones

Resonate – GG Davies, Garrington T Jones, Jeff Cripps

A great crowd turned up last week to welcome Resonate back into the new year and we are turning it up a notch this week with a special “Blues Power” edition of Resonate for the Blues lovers amongst you.

Kicking off the 3pm slot will be the big man with the big voice GG Davies. If Raw primal Blues with feeling is what you like, GG won’t dissapoint. GG Davies grew up in Sydney and now resides in Far North Queensland. Once a part of the military and having never firing a shot in anger is now bankrupt and divorced, music kept his soul shining. Expect a bunch of blues from the wrong side of town.

Direct from the U.K playing the 4pm slot is Garrington T Jones.

Garrington T. Jones was once a gig promoter who tried his hand at playing an acoustic guitar and from that moment, he decided that performing in front of the footlights was far more appealing than the graft of promoting, organizing and being a behind-the-scenes roadie and sound man. So he bought a Walden 3030CE acoustic guitar and took to “learning the ropes” as a performer. In the years since, Garrington Tee Jones has become an accomplished acoustic instrumentalist, vocalist and harmonica player.

Folk clubs were Garrington’s first baptism of live performance. He graduated from the traditional “sing-around” get-togethers in country pubs to floor spots at dedicated folk nights, where he performed folk songs with a modern-day twist under the name of The Abbot of Unreason! But making changes to traditional songs was frowned upon by the Folkies and The Abbot was evicted from folk clubs and ignored by the folk music community and slowly, the bookings dried up.

But in the Spring of 2009, a Blues & Roots outfit called BabaJack, booked Garrington for a Blues festival and with his friend Noor Ali from the Americana rock band Highway 5, they formed a Blues band called Stompin’ on Spiders to play the festival. It was a great success and bookings followed and by the middle of 2010, an album called “Follow My Thread” was released by Stompin’ on Spiders to much critical acclaim. Garrington was now contributing to the band’s song-writing partnership and drawing upon a love for all types of Blues, classic Rock, Folk and World Music, he created songs that celebrated or protested against the experiences of everyday life of the 21st Century.

After seven years of working together and producing four quality studio albums, the members of Stompin’ on Spiders mutually agreed to call “time” on live performances and in mid-June 2016, they placed into band into abeyance, with no immediate date for a revival.

In spite of of this set-back, within days of Stompin’ on Spiders farewell gig, Garrington T. Jones was performing again, as a soloist, mixing a catalogue of newly written songs with some of his favourites from the defunct band. And so the pattern was set for the remainder of 2016, Garrington T. Jones – the soloist, and with this new direction in live performance came new and exciting opportunities from the land “down under”.

In Australia, Garrington spent much of his time at blues and folk festivals and making live radio station appearances across the state of Queensland, but he returned to England in early 2017, to begin work on his self-funded solo album with top UK producer Dave Draper.

“Abyssinia” (which is urban slang for “I’ll be seein’ ya”) was recorded at Tower Studios in the English market town of Pershore during a frantic ten day period that was wedged between sessions by C J Wildheart, Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and The Professionals. The album was mastered using the Abbey Road Vinyl Master Suite and “Abyssinia” was finally put on general release on Monday 9th October 2017.

“Abyssinia” is an eclectic mix of self-penned rock, pop and blues songs that have surprised and delighted listeners of the album, with the tracks being picked up by independent and community radio stations from countries around the globe.

Playing the 5pm set this week will be award winning producer, drummer and slide guitarist Jeff Cripps. Jeff will be known to locals as drummer with local rock outfit “The Brazilians”. Crippsy will be putting down the sticks and picking up the slide guitar to play a set of blues originals from his former outfit “Mississippi Shakedown”. Jeff is a quality player that has played with some of Australia’s best including Ol55, Renee Geyer band and many more, don’t miss Crippsy’s set!

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