Timothy James Wright

Resonate – Valerie Villa, Timothy James Wright, Eli

Your Sunday afternoon dose of live original music hits the Grand Hotel again this Sunday with three sensational local artists.

Ms Valerie Villa plays the 3p set this week, Valerie just keeps getting better each time we see her, and her songs show a maturity beyond her year.

Timothy James Wright plays a solo set at 4pm. Moving through genres but never arriving at any one in particular Tim creates unique melodic landscapes that touch heartstrings and tell stories. From apocalyptic bluegrass to synth driven dark pop it’s life seen through the eyes of a man forever on the run.

Eli returns to play the 5pm set this week, Eli has been doing some recording of late, and we look forward to hearing the results from this fantastic songwriter.

Resonate kicks off at 3pm every Sunday at the Grand Hotel Cairns. Entry is free.

Resonate is on rain hail or shine with plenty of cover from the elements at the Grand

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