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Knights of Akasha – The Field Echoes

Local band Knights Of Akasha have been busy lads, they have just released an impressive self recorded EP “The Field Echoes” and are currently recording the follow-up “Origins”. Vocalist Adam Walker took some time off recording their next opus to have a brief chat about the just released current EP.

TM:- Can you tell us something about the recording process of the new EP?

AW:- The Field Echoes EP is the product of experimenting with really cheap, basic, home style equipment. We did it ourselves using a digital mixer plugged into a laptop and then sent the stems to a wizard at The Humble Grove for mixing and mastering.

TM:- You have probably heard this before, but where does the band name come from?

AW:- Akasha is the Sanskrit word for aether (the fifth element). Akin to what scientists today are calling the “Quantum Field”, mystery traditions around the planet have been accepting for millennia that there is an all encompassing thread, the fifth element, that binds the universe. This field is the source of our esoteric wisdom and contains all aspects of existence outside of time and space. Music is a representation of how this element is expressed through the human experience. A rite that is quashed by the ignorance present in current society. We aim to protect our capacity to channel the aether into this world. We are Knights of Akasha.

TM:- The Album Art for The Field Echoes was done by Adam Scott Miller and gets a special mention in the press release we received..

AW:- Adam Scott Miller is one of the greatest visionary artists of our time. Since childhood, ASM has intensively pursued ways of discovering The Field Echoes Cover Artworkand translating mystical insight into visual art. Although mostly self-taught, he has an education from two of the USA’s top art schools: a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and the Fine Arts Work Center. In addition to specialising in painting and illustration, he has developed a repertoire of digital skills. We are lucky enough to call this unique individual our friend and are working collaboratively with him to bring the coolest visual live show that FNQ has ever seen! As a start, he will be painting live on stage with us at Coalescence Festival 2017. Check out http://adamscottmiller.com/ for more.

TM:- Passing Ships is a great track, where did the inspiration for that one come from?

AW:- Thank you! Passing Ships is a track inspired by the reality that the people we love are often disconnected from us because of how busy our lives can become. In turn, this disconnection can create conflict and relational insight. It’s unfortunate that current society has patterned us to believe that the pursuits of freedom and happiness lie in money and things, while the true nature of transcending all of that is grounded in unity. Connecting with others.

TM:- What direction can we expect the next E.P to go in?

AW:- The next EP will be titled ORIGINS. While the first EP was a collection of earth bound truths about being human, our 2nd release will aim to take the listeners out of this frame of reference and head toward the aether. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go into a serious studio for this EP – thank you Ando!! – so we’re expecting it to sound bigger and better then ever!

Sample and buy (Name your own price!) The Field Echoes at https://knightsofakasha.com/music

Todd Macalpine

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