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Garageland @ The Grand #9

The last couple of shows at Garageland have been epic, we’re really motoring now team and we have some big announcements to make! But for Garageland #9 it’s time to shift our focus back to some local makes and models and party like Detroit just got a bailout! The weather has been inclement of late, so why not chuck the wets on and come and get sideways with us down at The Grand Hotel this Saturday night?

Clam Sandwich are making their move at Garageland for the first time but the protagonists in this hard Aussie rocking 3 piece are no strangers to the local music scene or for that matter at the bar here at The Grand. The band consists of local luthier Reuben Axsentieff (Big Wheel), Former Grand duty manager and all-round sex machine Cory Stevenson (Double Bubble) and relentless skin basher – Sean “Lofty” Loftus (SMASHED, swamp dog connoisseur). The fellas have been tracking songs for a release that will be available shortly and if you are familiar with these guys you just know its going to be a cracker!

Cooktown stalwarts Barefoot Belles are up next with their stripped back Punk Rock’n’Roll tunes!
One of the great surprises of last years Garageland: Full Throttle gig, it’s a pleasure to have them back for another lap around the circuit. Recently successful with their Regional Arts Development Fund application, they are doing great things in the community up there – they’ll be skilling up locals and shooting their first film clip in the coming months! The Barefoots have also snared a coveted spot on the Wallaby Creek festival later on in the year, so if you can’t make it up to that one get on down to The Grand this Saturday to catch them in action!

Next to wash up on the stage are Beached Kennedys! Elements of surf rock and psychedelia are combined and the usual verse-chorus-verse-chorus pattern gives way to extended angular and fuzzed out jams, nothing is overplayed with these guys though, they are a band who have a comforting feel and a warm sound. It’s been a long time since they have appeared in Cairns so do not miss out!

Taking the chequered flag for Garageland #9 are The Taste! You’d have to be living under a fairly substantial rock to not have caught these guys over the last year or so – they have been busy.
An upbeat and energetic band showcasing a mash of groovy rhythms and soulful hooks- they’ll have you tapping your feet in no time. A buffet of musical influences ranging from folk, funk, rock, soul and hip-hop spread across multiple vocalists results in a fresh and fun performance, it’s going to be a feel good end to the night. They’ve been tearing it up all over Cairns and now finally they make their way onto the bill of Garageland for the first time – and as headliners if you don’t mind!

As I mentioned earlier, we have some big news to announce on the night that we are really excited to let out of the bag and dude trust me it’s gonna be amazing – get in before The Taste’s set to be the first in the know!

As per usual we’ve got 2-4-1 drinks between 6-8PM and an awesome Punk and Reggae playlist between bands! We start her up at 6PM on Saturday night and the best thing – it’s so free that it’s FREE!

Unless you have too many swamp dogs.

Then you’ll be paying the next morning!

Just ask Lofty.

See you in the drive-thru!

Love Dozer xxx

P.S. Just as a side note, Tickets for The Smith Street Band’s appearance at Garageland #11 (Sept. 26) are selling very fast so don’t delay on that one – tickets are very limited and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed – a third are already gone!

Tickets are available via secure booking here:

(Seriously, order a swamp dog – they rule!)