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Bec Laughton

It is refreshing to speak to an up and coming musician who is still grounded in the real world. An emerging light who knows her star is on the rise but still speaks with a sense of exhuberance and epervescence that leaves you with a genuine feeling of warmth about not only their music, but also their character.

Meet Bec Laughton, Brisbane’s latest singing sensation, whos soulful R & B voice is beautiful and infectious. It is a long held belief of mine that musical talent is in the blood, and Bec’s case reinforces this.

“My Dad was a music director,” she explained, “who used to direct shows and musical theatre companies and I used to sleep backstage at the theatre which was a funny upbringing but really good if you wanted to be a musician. I had singers, dancers and actors all around me so I was really immersed in the whole performing scene and as a result I started writing songs when I was about in Grade 6. I didn’t have my first band until High School then after school I went to the Conservatorium and studied music, which is different these days because there’s not alot of people actually studying music any more, they just go ahead and do it.” “After that I finally quit my job waitressing and tried to survive full time off singing which has so far gone very well.”

When asked what her inspiration musically was growing up, Bec is quick to reply.

“Since I was a little girl I loved Sister Act 2 and Lauren Hill, who was the naughty young girl who ended up being the star. She was definately an inspiration, she was actually one of the first CD’s I ever bought and it was a really hip hop, soul and R & B sort of an album and that made me get into similar artists.”

At 26 years of age, Bec makes her first trip to Cairns this month on May 31 st at the Salt House and can’t wait for the opportunity to play for her Northern fans.

“I normally only do one 45 minute set,” she enthused, “but for the Cairns show I will be doing three sets which means I get to play all of my songs plus a bunch of awesome covers that we’ll jam on.”
“When i play this show I will have the Hamlen brothers with me. They are a couple of Island boys who have played with Guy Sebastian and Stan Walker. Obviously, being brothers who play drum and bass they will lock in tight so that will be very special!”

Bec will be showcasing her debut CD, M & R, a release which has seen her thrust into the International spotlight.

“It’s been crazy,” she gushed. “I’ve never had such a reaction to anything – obviously it’s the first major thing I’ve released – but it’s got people in New York and Belgium that are lining up to do things with us because of the CD which is really, really exciting. I will also be doing something in New York in August with a Grammy Award winning artist but I can’t reveal who that is just yet…..”

Kris Peters

Bec Laughton plays the Salt House on Friday May 31

https://www.facebook.com/beclaughton  http://www.youtube.com/user/BecLaughton