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Meat Bikini – OUTA LINE

Local stalwarts of the underground scene Meat Bikini have been at it for a while. Emerging frorm the ashes of seminal NQ punk provocateurs Bleeding Jelly Eyes, Meat Bikini hit the ground running in 2001 when they put on a heap of their own shows with like minded bands and recorded the track “Unblinkered” for Pandamonium’s 2001 compilation. Throughout the years they have been champions of the underground, appearing wherever they can, and taking whatever new bands they can find along for the ride. When the crass world of commercialism and blandness gets too much, it’s comforting to know that Meat Bikini are still out there, somewhere, sticking it to the man. Here we are it’s 2021, the boys are still at it, having just recorded the track “Outa Time” for the new Northern Exposure 2021 compilation, NQ Music Press caught up with head protagonist, bass player and vocalist Kane Raybould about their new track..

“On first listen you will probably think this is a song about death. We’re all going to die anyway and Outa line is about what you do on the way there. Its a song about lining up for the same old and spending your life at work, everyone hates that don’t they? So step outa line and see where that takes you”

Meat Bikini promise to deliver “More meat per beat” at the massive launch party for Northern Exposure 2021 at Skypark (A.J Hacket) on the 17th of April along with the 15 other bands featured on the compilation. Tickets are strictly limited due to COOVID plan so it is advised to pre purchase your tickets to ensure entry. Tickets are available here:- https://ajhackettcairns.wildapricot.org/event-4179213

You can checkout the rest of the tracks on Northern Exposure 2021 HERE

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