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Nattali Rize

The ever evolving, dynamic front woman of epic roots band Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize returns to Cairns with her five-piece power house Jamaican/Australian band for one night only at The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 28th October.

After an epic year of spreading their music and message around the globe, Rize will bring her new international project to The Tanks for a night of global mash up and vibe. With a heavy reggae influence she describes her universal sound as World Beat. Lyrical. New Era.

Speaking to Nattali Rize recently, she was full of excitement to be bringing her Jamaican/Australian band to Cairns.

“We love coming up to Cairns, trust me! Especially being based in Melbourne the last few years, in the freezing cold. So to come to Cairns is always a joy. The weather, the pace, the tropical fruits, the community, the love of reggae music, it’s just not like anywhere else in the country. It’s a very airy place for us to come visit, so anytime we can, we do.”

After spending most of 2014 living, writing and recording, in Kingston Jamaica, Nattali spoke highly of her experience in the Caribbean island.

“As an artist and a human being it (Jamaica) has inspired me a lot. When you visit a new country you go with an open heart and an open mind and are constantly absorbing. As humans we should always be learning. As I love reggae music it was the obvious place. Really the connections I made took me there and kept me there. Still I will go back to Jamaica often. It’s a place of high creative output, great musical energy and really beautiful spirited people. That’s very inspiring for music and that’s one thing you’ll be able to experience and hear in our show, because there is nothing like playing reggae with Jamaican musicians. It’s a whole different thing.”

Coming off a busy few months of international touring and with a debut album set for release early next year. The band is poised to make their mark on Australian Music Scene with a live show described as heavy hitting, rebellious and emotional.

“Our band just did four months of international festivals around Japan, America and Europe. It’s been really well received and just great to see the support and growth for this unique Australian/Jamaican concept. So it’s exciting times.”

With her on going commitments to Blue King Brown and the exciting times ahead for her own band, I asked Nattali Rize about how she balances and manages her energy between both projects to get the best out of both.

“Blue King Brown just did a couple of festivals which is always awesome, because Blue King Brown is such a powerhouse of a band, and we are fortunate enough to hold such unique place in the Australian Music Scene. It’s an important voice Blue King Brown; it is and will always continue alongside anything I do. Both projects serve the other, and it’s an evolving process. We just go with the flow of what comes in and balance it the best we can. Music is music and at the end of the day it’s all one mission.”

Mitch Sullivan

Nattali Rize performs at The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 28th October. Doors open 6.30pm. Show starts 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticketlink.

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