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Buttah the Verbal Wordsmith – The Odyssey

Not a new name, but a poignant one, Buttah the verbal wordsmith has been releasing some of his best music to date in 2017. The Townsville artists current offering comes in the shape of his new clip for the single ‘The Odyssey’ – which has already amassed over 11,000 plays via his Facebook.

An international collaboration between Buttah and visual artist Kiron Hussain, aka Kwiverkid. The clip for The Odyssey is a truely beautiful and profound journey.

“The Odyssey is a deeply introspective, well-crafted masterpiece of metaphorical imagery and inspired storytelling. Anybody who listens to this song will relate in their own way and everybody will take away something different.” says Buttah of the single.

With such a unique take on his animation endeavours, Kiron has said
“My creative process is just letting the right lobe loose and exploding in the sketchbook… then trying to piece my mess of ideas into something coherent. I wasn’t inspired by anything apart from the music: just riffing off that. Can’t explain better than that…I just sit down and let it spill out of my head.”

Having released the album ‘Dawn’ early in the year, this will not be the last we hear from Buttah in 2017…the FNQ local is set to release ‘Dusk’ – the second offering of a two part album project that will see it’s conclusion before the year is out.

Check out the new clip for Buttah’s ‘The Odyssey’ below..

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