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Colloidal Silver – Take Care

Townsville band Colloidal Silver have just released a new song called ‘Take Care’ which was recorded in thier home town by Luke & Dan at DNA Music NQ.
The bands sound sits somewhere at the heavier end of the rock music scale, perhaps best described as a stoner/grunge blend with plenty of emphasis on big fat guitar riffs. Think bands like Queens of the Stoneage, Black Sabbath & Nirvana as a comparison.

Take Care begin’s powerfully with a guitar solo intro that sets the theme nicely for the coming main verse riffs and lyrics. These focus on theme of losing your mind. The song descends into a psychadelic, groove infused respite mid song and features lifting harmonies and the chimes of a glokenspiel to really embellish the theme of madness before it ramps back up into a powerful groove heavy, verse/chorus/verse onslaught to the end. This is carried along nicely with sharp, kick heavy drumming.

Formed in mid 2018, Colloidal Silver may be new to the scene but all members have played in bands around Townsville for years including Twisted Whisker, Crossroads & RedCat. The band plans on following up Take Care with more releases and live shows in 2020.

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