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Stompin On Spiders

Debbie Robinson, a singer-songwriter based in Kuranda, has recently linked up with Stompin’ on Spiders, a “New Tradition” blues band from England, and performed her Celtic harp on “Blacklisted”, the band’s new album that is due for general release on September 5.

A professionally trained singer, Debbie has been part of the Cairns and Far North Queensland music scene for at least five years. Whether it is as a licensed busker on The Esplanade, as a concert performer or as part of the now-defunct duo, Deb and the Moonbear, who made it to the top of North Queensland’s “Top of the Trops Chart” throughout 2012, Debbie’s Celtic harp and mandolin performances and captivating voice are well known to many around the region.

The link-up between Debbie and Stompin’ on Spiders was made possible by local journalist and bass player Chris Ellis, blues radio presenter Irene R Barrett, and the Cairns Musos social network page on Facebook.

The story begins in November 2012, when Gazza Tee, from Stompin’ on Spiders, visited FNQ to view the solar eclipse at Port Douglas. Wandering through the Port Douglas Sunday market, Gazza heard a blues song being played on a Celtic harp. This inspired the English traveller to write a blues song with the Celtic harp as one of the principal instruments.

But it was not until May 2013, when the search for a suitable harpist in the UK was finally exhausted, did Chris and Irene suggest that Debbie Robinson would be an ideal choice for the song. In October 2013, Gazza met up with Debbie, and after a couple of rehearsals, the song, called “Charlie’s Smile”, began to take shape.

Returning to the UK, Gazza Tee and the other members of Stompin’ on Spiders; Noor Ali and Becky Davis, began pre-studio rehearsals of the 10 original songs of new album, while in Kuranda, Debbie rearranged and rehearsed the harp parts to “Charlie’s Smile”. By February 2014, the UK trio were busy recording at a Studio in the English Cotswold countryside, while back in FNQ, Debbie recorded the Celtic harp part to “Charlie’s Smile” at a local studio. Debbie then emailed her track to the UK, where it was mixed with the other instruments and vocals of the UK-based musicians.

The finished version of “Charlie’s Smile” is the fifth track on “Blacklisted”, a 10-track “tour de force” of “New Tradition” blues from Stompin’ on Spiders, which will be available in Cairns, Kuranda and Port Douglas in late September 2014.

In the meantime, Debbie Robinson will be returning to busking and concert performances in and around Cairns and Port Douglas after taking a short hiatus from the local music scene.

More information and songs from Debbie can be found on the “Simply Deb” Facebook page.

More information on Stompin’ on Spiders and the “Blacklisted” album can be found on the band’s official website: http://www.stompinonspiders.co.uk