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Sara Storer – Silos

With a total of eleven Golden Guitars to her collection including a record seven in 2004, Sara Storer returns to Cairns to perform at Women In Song at The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 4th March. Renowned for her honest Australian-flavoured song writing Sara has certainly kept busy the last few years, relocating from Darwin to Albury, giving birth to her fourth son, as well as writing and recording her sixth full length album ‘Silos’, due for release in coming weeks.

Speaking to Sara recently I asked how she managed to juggle the pressures of family life alongside the creation of her newest album.

“I look back now and think how did I do that. I guess just before you know it, you get a quiet time here and your righting down some thoughts, then before you know it you’re booked into the studio and organising babysitters. I remember once saying to the kids ‘I just want to write this song’. This can get frustrating at times because you want to get these thoughts down but the kids need you, they need their mum. So it was a bit challenging, but we got there”.

Following up from her highly successful 2013 release ‘Lovegrass’ which picked up 3 Golden Guitar Awards at CMAA Country Music Awards in Tamworth. Sara’s much anticipated sixth album ‘Silos’ will be released in March and is sure to be another favourite amongst fans.

sara storer silos“This album is similar in many ways to Lovegrass but I think what is different, is it’s a lot more uplifting and generally a happier album. We’ve recently relocated from Darwin to Albury, not that there was anything wrong with Darwin but it was a really long way away and it put a bit of a barrier on me and my music. It was nice to come down and we found a little place out of Albury that we love, and that as a person has inspired a lot more positive songs.”

‘Purple Cockies’ was released last month as the first single from ‘Silos’ and has already received great national support. As with all of Sara’s songs, the lyrics paint a picture and tell a story that takes the listener into her world of Australian rural life. The track was inspired by good friend and Australian Country Music legend John Williamson who’s words ‘she sings of cockies in a purple sky’ became the key to unlocking a very heart felt and emotional song of happiness.

“I’m a huge fan, and he inspires me to write in many different ways. It comes from something he said in a song so I decided to work with the title Purple Cockies, which was different for me as I normally write the song then title it, this time I worked the other way around. The song is about stopping and be grateful for what you’ve got; not what you haven’t got”.

World-class production was once again provided by award winning producer, Matt Fell who has notably produced recordings for Tim Freedman, Ian Moss, Troy Cassar-Daly and Slim Dusty to name a few.

“This is the third album I’ve done with Matt and every time he brings something new to the table. I just sit back and let Matt do what he does. He’s always very considerate of the artist and he’s very sensitive about the artist’s song and what music the artist loves. He always tries to do something new and fresh instead of the same old stuff. He has done some amazing production on this album and sometimes I wonder how he has done that.”

Sara Storer performs at Women In Song at The Tanks Art Centre on Fri 4th March alongside Deborah Conway, Mojo Juju and Fluer McMenamin. Tickets from Ticketlink. Doors open 6pm, show starts 6.30pm.

Sara Storer – Silos is available March 11

Mitch Sullivan

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