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Dee Lunar – Glorious Day

Cairns artist , singer songwriter Dee Lunar announces new single Glorious Day. This soft/pop/rock song with some dreamy vibes features the incredible vocals of Joanne Heming from the Cairns rock band My Deaf Eyes. The collaboration between Dee and Joanne began a couple of years ago and has culminated in a remarkable musical creation.

Initially conceived as an electronic track, “Glorious Day” took shape when Joanne visited Dee’s humble home studio to lend her voice and stunning harmonies. The song’s potential was undeniable, but it sat in limbo until recently, when Dee decided to transform it into a soft rock song while keeping the essence of the original concept intact, showcasing Joanne’s beautiful vocals.

‘ Have you ever just been walking outside and thought to yourself, wow what a glorious day ? that’s what this song is about, those vibes ‘ ~ Dee Lunar

“Glorious Day” transcends geographical boundaries through an international collaboration with musicians from around the world, bass player Maria Kosma and drummer Diogo Santos , resulting in a truly unique and compelling sonic experience. To add the final touch of brilliance, the track was mixed by Cairns artist and sound engineer Pauly P, whose expertise elevated the production to new heights.

Dee’s musical journey has been defined by a fusion of alternative rock elements, captivating melodies, and introspective lyrics. With “Glorious Day,” Dee showcases her creative versatility while highlighting the immense talent of Joanne Heming. The song represents a significant milestone in their artistic collaboration and promises to engage listeners with its emotive and engaging sound.

Glorious Day is out now on all streaming services..

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