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Resonate – Ladies Night, Sweet K, DFRS, Amy Sugars

It’s ladies night again at Resonate with 3 talented female fronted acts hitting the Resonate stage. For the 2nd week in a row Resonate will be hosting a touring act as word spreads about the popular Thursday night gig. Rest assured more touring acts are on their way too, giving local acts the chance to perform with artists from around the country. All the way from Perth this week is Amy Sugars who is currently talk of the Town in W.A. After the release of her debut single “So I Won’t”, Amy was nominated for The Rudy Brandsma Award for Songwriting Excellence in the 2014 Australian Songwriters’ Association Awards. Her lyrics have been complimented by Pat Pattison from Berklee College of Music, USA. amy hits the stage at 9.30pm. Check out Amy’s video clip below and our interview with Amy published on Monday

Playing the opening set at 7.00pm this week is Sweet K, fronted by Kelly Moran. Acoustic trio Sweet K, fronted by Kelly Moran, have been playing their original songs around the traps for a while now. Kelly first hit the Cairns original music scene back in the 90s with her band “Raven Mad” and played the old Johnos among other venues.

Playing the middle set on Thursday night will be Cairns original rock chicks, Becky and Deion from Chakra BC performing as their acoustic alter ego DFRS (Deion Fairbairn, Rebecca Smyth, – geddit?). Chakra BC were big in the early 00s NQ rock scene and have played many Pandamonium gigs over the years, including Resonate. Dynamic harmonies, soaring rock choruses and catchy songs, Beck & Deion are not to be missed!

Brett at the Grand tells me they will be giving every lady a free ticket with their first drink to go into the draw for a magnum of champagne!

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