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Eddie Skiba – Chasing Rainbows

They say it takes a village to raise an album and Eddie Skiba’s latest release, the indie rock/pop beauty, ‘CHASING RAINBOWS’ is no exception. Engaging a talented cast of collaborators and the project spanning the challenges of a global pandemic, lockdowns, the temporary disappearance of the live music scene, three Richmond premierships and a producer’s tree change mid-album, the resulting album is a dynamic sixteen track journey taking us through light and shade, life and loss, daring and delicate, and occasionally holding up a mirror to some of the lunacy of our culture.

It has been 5 years since the release of Skiba’s previous album, ‘BLEND ON THE BORDER’, that was critically acclaimed, audience embraced and received national airplay. Eddie and the band are super excited to be sharing and celebrating the new music.

What started as an EP project four years ago has organically grown through time and challenges with Skiba bringing more people into the tent, triggering the juices of creativity, expanding his sound and rekindling the joy and connection that music nurtures, through the musical stumbles of the pandemic.Skiba’s recording has bounced between producers Matt D’Arcy (Basic Studio Melbourne and Summit View Audio Tolmie), who also provided the creative and apt drumming for the album, and ARIA award winning producer Nigel Pegrum (Pegasus Studio Cairns). Tasteful keys were provided by the talented Hue Blanes (The Melodics, Illy, Deborah Conway) and the album also showcases guest and specialist roles from Roz Pappalardo (vocals), Simon McMenamin (strings), Warren Smith (guitars), Russell Harris (brass), Tanya Murphy, (vocals), Paul Field (additional drums) and Matt Hannan (additional keys). Also in the tent was long-time friend, collaborator and sounding board Domenic Vavala and Karen Murphy-Hocking who provided the poem ‘Walls’ on which the album track of the same name was based.

CHASING RAINBOWS leans in, flexes, and breathes out, expressing lyrical depth and imagery with melodies sitting confidently on a bed of simmering rock and pop rhythms, punctuated by more vulnerable and delicate moments with some lovely instrumentation.

The album journey begins with the first single, ‘Off the Wheel’, that infuses upbeat pop keys with grungy guitars and expresses frustration of the city and suburban merry-go-round that we mortals often seem to sleepwalk into. The tracks accompanying film clip was shot in the manic streets of Tokyo only weeks before COVID began shutting down the cities of the world. The album opener fits neatly with the sounds and sentiment of the title track, the spacey, sometimes playful and catchy ‘Chasing Rainbows’.

Other highlights include ‘Never Get to Heaven’ that welcomes you with church bells before the inviting opening strings melody, through to the addictive chorus and the all-in chants bringing the song home. ‘Black Bear’, a rock song with hooks, angst and a message of self-belief and hope and ‘Walls’ a catchy, brass coloured, politically critical song inspired by Karen Murphy-Hocking’s poem ‘Walls’.

The album continues through the relaxed groove vibe and almost eastern keys melody of ‘Numbers’, through to the turn-it-up guitar sounds and attack of ‘Target On,’ ‘Virtual Waterfall’ and ‘Shoulders’, to the dark broodiness of ‘Don’t Let the Sun Come Up’. Luring you in nice and close is more intimate vulnerable songs like ‘Sell the Sky’, ‘Straight Lines’ and ‘Happy End’. Raising the tempo again is the funky energetic grooves of ‘Lost & Found’ and the foot stomping, guitar hook driven, ‘Swim’, complete with Roz Pappalardo cameo. All managing to blend together cohesively showcasing Skiba’s unique style, attitude and sound.

Eddie Skiba’s music is available on Bandcamp and Spotify. Officially released Thursday 9th September

Album Launch Show with 8-piece band and special guest Jessy Lynch – Saturday 9th October Tanks Arts Centre 

Tickets available – https://www.ticketlink.com.au

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