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Rumble in the Jungle 4

Rumble in the Jungle 4 is happening sooner then planned. The last event with Chronolyth fell in the water with rain like you wouldn’t believe it but the solid core made it no matter what.

The organisers didn’t want to wait too long so number 4 is happening next month with an interesting far north line up and Headliner “Eternal Rest” from Brisbane. This time the gate opens earlier and they will play recorded music before the bands start. Selected drinks will be half price during the Happy Hour from 5 to 6 and then the Bands kick off.

The Billabong is hoping to raise funds for the next Rumble in the Jungle Events.

The Bands

Eternal Rest – Brisbane
Hailing from Brisbane, Australia ETERNAL REST are one of the country’s best kept secrets but not for long as they set out to envelop the country and beyond with their meticulous and venomous brand of technical ferocity. Their immense sonic assault caught the ear of US label Deepsend Records who immediately signed the band to a deal. The end result was their crushing debut album ‘Prophetic’.

Venomous guitars that slice you like crazed sociopath wielding a cut throat razor, ruthless drum blasts that push the boundaries of human endurance and sanity, a bass pounding that resonates through to your very core all tactfully powered by vicious vocals that deliver a continual precision strike akin to a targeted cluster bomb attack on the unexpected listener. ‘Prophetic’ drives the listener to the blackest, most extreme depths of humanity whilst delivering a pummelling to the senses.

The scything and combative 5 piece are forging a name for themselves on the local scene with their exhausting and relentless live show that showcases them in their most authentic and genuine form and they lay waste to the most hardcore Metal fan with their unmatched wrath.

ETERNAL REST has raised the bar for extreme metal bands in Australia by pushing the limits – Musically, lyrically and visually. This non-stop pursuit to extract every last ounce out of their creative resolve through total dedication to their work has seen them land support with International acts such as: The Black Dahlia Murder, Ulcerate, Sybreed and now with the word well and truly out has seen them hand picked to support heavyweights Behemoth, Katakalysm, Suffocation, Unearth and more on their Australian tours.

Fusing old school loyalties with technical wizardry ETERNAL REST are the future of Australian Metal immerse yourself in their craft and revel in their mastery!

Rhetoric over Reality – Townsville
Rhetoric Over Reality is the result of an inhumane social experiment in which 2 bored electricians (Ray Thorogood: guitar and Aaron Patmore: drums) and an Englishman (Joe Moxon: 6-string plank/silly accent) were locked together in a shed in Townsville at some point during 2012.

The philosophy behind Rhetoric Over Reality is that each member has always wanted to write music that they would want to listen to, and that each track should push their skills as musicians. The startling realisation that none of them can sing has forced the band to focus on writing instrumental tracks which rely on musicianship rather than lyrics to engage the audience and lead them on a journey. This carefully considered gamble has been surprisingly successful, and is well received by the public. They have found that by not dictating the theme of each track in the form of prescribed lyrics, each listener can personalise the sound-scape to fit their own journey. This is further reinforced by the choice of deliberately open track titles – these mean one thing to us, and perhaps something else to the listener, which we think is kind of cool. Notably, after one gig a cheerful gentleman staggered over from the bar and pronounced ‘your music is like ‘I’m coming to fight you, Odin!”. Not necessarily what we were going for – but proof that the band’s tracks can be personalised to take the listener on a journey of their own making.

Writing instrumental music has come naturally to the band. Each member has diverse influences ranging from Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Frank Zappa, and we aim to channel these eclectic themes into a comprehensible track. Sometimes they succeed. This fusion of complex ideas has resulted in the creation of complex edgy tracks which do not always proceed in a predictable manner. This has made it hard to pigeon hole the band, and also underpins our reputation as a ‘band for musicians to get their nerd on’ to. This is an enormous compliment, although our wider appeal is evidenced by opening slots for awesome acts including The Amity Affliction, Dead Letter Circus and 12 Foot Ninja. The bands music has been selected for several metal compilations including the cover disc for Blunt Magazine and was featured on TV show ‘Punktured’, as the sound-track accompanying footage of a man having his groin pierced (because we apparently symbolise stabbing pain in the primary erogenous zones). Probably the biggest endorsement to date has come from I Probably Hate your Band who required only minimal bribery to conclude their review by stating:
“Rhetoric Over Reality are simply put, awesome.” (Words by S Worsfold 12/4/16, http://iprobablyhateyourband.com/all-reviews/song-review-rhetoric-over-reality-reasons/)

The band stress they are not in this to be big or famous – they just love writing and performing our unpredictable brand of music. Check them out at https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/rhetoric-over-reality

And no. They don’t need a singer.

Knights of Akasha – Cairns
Between the various layers of reality, the akashic field ties together the infinite wisdom of our unconscious spiritual world. The fabric of this thread is in jeopardy, threatened by the ignorance of humankind. The Knights of Akasha have been fashioned out of the ether to protect the integrity of this ancient realm, pushed to search for the bold truth of our hidden dimensions. Expressed as a four piece progressive heavy rock outfit, be prepared to have the Knights blow your mind! Loud, fast, melodic, and technical song writing, blended with relentless commitment and musical diversity, get set to feel the power of the Knights of Akasha!

Seems a little Strange – Cairns
Seems a Little Strange is a three piece rock band from Cairns who at their age should know better. Influenced by acts such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Aussie pub rock, these guys refuse to mellow with age. Their music has been described as 80’s metal meets punk, meets Oz rock. Their songs also include thought provoking lyrics that are guaranteed to make you think. Lyrically subjects include what is important to us all…love, grief, oppression, war, country and fun stuff like getting wasted. The lads bring together years experience of rocking hard and life experiences. Led by Dave Snell on guitar and vocals, Kris Hutchinson on bass & backing vocals and powerhouse drummer Brett Wilkinson, Seems a Little Strange may seem a little strange, but their music certainly is not. Check out Seems a Little Strange Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/seemsalittlestrange/

Barefoot Belles – Cooktown
Beck Payne vocals/guitar and Roz Smith vocals/bass formed Barefoot Belles after meeting in Cooktown eleven years ago, Beck misspent her youth on Victoria’s west coast while Roz survived Sydney’s western suburbs. Now they live in Cooktown playing most weekends to a range of different native flora and fauna. Last year saw the completion of their second album “Drill and the Gun”, slightly heavier than their first recording in 2010, “Barefoot and Bulletproof”, The last two years have seen the Belles spread their wings, venture south and scream songs of social injustices, emotional meltdowns and sex kittens. Sure to rock while having immense fun.

Snakeoyl – Atherton
Snake Oyl is a three piece rock band from the Atherton Tablelands, FNQ. We perform original music and unique interpretations of songs by other artists.
Members: , Noel Keid (Lead/rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Joshua Ekblad (Bass), Paul Mauro (Drums)

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