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Greta Stanley – Heavy Heat

After a hectic three years touring, writing, and releasing music, 23 year-old Greta Stanley has secured herself as one to watch on the Australian music scene. Releasing her debut album ‘Full Grown’ late last year, including break out single “When January Comes” which received widespread praise and rotation on triple j, Greta’s youthful and emotional songs have emerged from the far north of Queensland and reached down to give your heart a shake with both hands.

New single “Heavy Heat” once again combines the intoxicating feeling of falling in love for the first time mixed with the visceral heat of growing up in the far north.

“The line “breathe in do you feel it there” is about this person encouraging me to meditate to ease my racing mind, it’s about the time spent in love in summer Far North Queensland, it’s about first loves and the lessons within that, and bad timing – it’s also kind of this mix of memories from the present and the past, good and bad – a collection from almost four years of connection coming to a bitter halt.”

Greta was born in Townsville before moving to a small (and very beautiful) rural town of Mena Creek in Far North Queensland. A somewhat introverted child, she spent most of her time alone by choice, daydreaming and deep in thought. After receiving a guitar on her 13th birthday, she built herself a sanctuary in her bedroom and immersed herself in her own musical reality.

2015 saw her team up with Producer Mark Myers (ex The Middle East) and release her debut EP ‘Bedroom City’ – racking up 1 million plus Spotify streams before hitting the road several times over 2016 and 2017, playing shows which included supports for the likes of The Rubens, Boy & Bear, Sarah Blasko and Didirri along with Groovin The Moo Townsville, The Grass is Greener Festivals and an Australian Music Week showcase.

Greta was then nominated for a QLD Music Award and selected as a triple j unearthed feature artist before releasing her Debut LP ‘Full Grown’ which saw her single ‘When January Comes’ gain full rotation on triple j with both Richard Kingsmill and Nick Findlay giving the track 4 star reviews.

Her latest release ‘Full Grown’ (also produced by Mark Myers and featuring Timberwolf) gives us an insight into the mind of a girl discovering who she is, and where she belongs.

While influences ranging from Soko and Daughter to Cigarettes After Sex can be heard amongst the lyrics and melodies, along with her own personal song-writing style, the album is a collection of sometimes upbeat and sometimes sparingly dark and disillusioned themes. Often strikingly beautiful and uplifting, ever promising and never pretentious, her songs leave you with a feeling… even amidst a landscape of turbulent times, instant news, social media and the age of the internet… they leave you with the feeling that everything in the end, will be alright.

Full Grown by Greta Stanley is available now on CD and digital

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