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Sian Evans – How Time Has Treated Thee

Sian Evans heads back to NQ from her Brisvegas headquarters to launch her new E.P “How Time Has Treated Thee” to local friends and fans this Thursday night (28th May) at Resonate. I caught up with Sian for a chat about the new E.P..

Where was the CD recorded?

“The record was engineered with aria award winning producer Govinda Doyle (Jet Plane, Angus and Julia Stone) in Northern Nsw in October last year”

How do you approach the recording process, do you have a clear direction before hitting the studio or do you like a producer to guide you?

“I like to run arrangements over with my producer before getting straight into the studio, just for formatting to save hassle and time. For this particular record I had an idea of all the structures and dynamics and where to put them and how I was going to orchestrate them to give the pieces a flow with contours. However, I do like to have the opportunity where necessary, to experiment with ideas if I want to. We made up production bits on the spot of some things. Very hack. At one point I was dancing and stamping with a mic at my feet. I then realised I had shit rhythm as far as dancing was concerned, and due to being horrendously hungover from a gig in Byron the night before and running round the beach naked at 3 am, I was challenged, so I put the shoes in my hands and ended up stamping them on the floor instead. Save editing time…..”

What inspired the cover art and album title?

onlineartwork_copy“The cover art was totally the designers choice. I’ve been working with him for years now and I trust his choices. He also knows me and what I like. The title is a line from the song “Blackest crow” which is a traditional american folk song. This song moves me so….the words are so incredibly mournful and sentimental. This is record is a representative of how time has treated thee (me)…I encourage anyone to go into depth of the lyrics of that song. It’s incredibly beautiful and deep. I relate it to saying goodbye to gypsy friends and family and space in between, and how they pop into our heads at random, and we wonder how they might be:- how time has treated thee.”

You are launching the CD at Resonate next Thursday night, will we be able to buy a copy of the new E.P there?, where else is it available?

“I will have a limited amount of copies available physically. I’m starting to phase cd’s out. I don’t think I’ll be doing another press of these. It is also avaiable through Beanstalk records, Bandcamp and iTunes. In future I will be moving into the USB movement as they are easier to transport and more practical….”

What’s next for Sian Evans after this round of CD launches?

“I’m on tour till August as it stands for now. Ahead, I have recording with another producer in Sydney in June to record next single “cold feet”. I’m soft releasing only onto band camp another track as soon as its ready called “thorns” that I did with friends at green beads production ( Adam Eckersley Band). The next single should be ready perhaps September, in which I may continue touring, which may fold into a couple of tracks with Bill Chambers around October, and another collaboration for another single with a Brisbane band called “the Cheap Fakes” (they are one of my favourite bands ever). I’m still looking for the right producer for a really special song I wrote called ‘beautiful painful’. I’ll be doing a crowd fund campaign to raise funds for this track and the film clip……I’ll possibly end up going back to Govinda for this one if I can’t find anyone more suitable. Following this, I guess I’ll continue touring loosely or in spurts as I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out and ready to settle in one spot for a little bit to ground myself, look after my body in a way I can’t necessarily achieve on the road, and spend some time reconnecting with my son. Perhaps even study….The idea of a Jazz diploma keeps coming up, I can never decide which instrument exactly I want to do it with though. Life’s tough with so many opportunities right?”

Sian plays from 9.30pm this Thursday night at the Grand Hotel Resonate night staged by Pandamonium Records. Also on the bill is Ben Daniel and Bosko & Honey. Entry is free. It’s going to be a special night so miss it at your own peril!

Todd Macalpine

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