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Zennith – Poet A Rhymer

Embracing their hip-hop reggae roots, Kuranda’s dynamic family-founded outfit Zennith are back with a new single close to six years after their last release. ‘Poet A Rhymer’ is the sound the band always set out to create, a dancehall anthem with beat-laden rap, interwoven with mean guitar licks and a rhythmic undertone. From the second the beat drops, listeners get an instant taste of that signature Zennith sound with the release the perfect platform for what is looking to be a big 2017 for the band.

Check the video out right here.

Filmed by production company The Wild Above – the video clip for ‘Poet A Rhymer’ speaks right into the heart of what Zennith is all about. Highlighting different cultures, bonding together, under Tropical North Queensland rainforest skies, it not only illustrates the laid-back atmosphere of the Far North region, but the effortless rapport the group has with one another. The imagery is vivid, breathtaking and has the indelible imprint of the Bullwai people.

With the official release of their new single at the recent Island Vibe Festival, I caught up with Astro Brim ahead of their Island Elements performance to talk about their latest release.

“It was really nice to come back to Island Vibe and launch it here at Stradbroke Island and reconnect with the Brisbane audience. To release here it felt really right, we really wanted to do it here because Island Vibe really helped launch Zennith’s career many years ago.”

With 6 years passing since their last release, 2010 LP ‘Nothin To Lose’, it is evident from even the first listen of ‘Poet A Rhymer’ that the band has matured and have been spent great time between releases honing their craft. This being the first single of an upcoming EP set for release in early 2017.

“For a while now we’ve wanted to get back into the studio. The last few years we’ve done a few shows here and there including Woodford and a few others. We’ve spent a lot of time writing and honing our sound. With this track, Dad (Willie Brim) came up with the groove to start off and then we developed from there. I had a chorus and Aden (Brim) had a rhyme. It was a collective and collaborative process.”

“It’s not strictly hip hop or strictly reggae, it’s got a splash of a few different genres in there, we’re really happy with how it turned out.”

Recorded with producer/engineer Nigel Pegrum (Seaman Dan, The McMenamins) at Pegasus Studios in Cairns, and mixed at Tanuki Lounge by PaulieB (The Beautiful Girls). The sound was exactly what the Brims envisioned.

“We love working with Nigel, he really makes it comfortable for us and really captures what we are about. It’s always great recording there at Pegasus. It was a great bonus for it to be then mixed by PaulieB at Tanuki Lounge who really separated the sounds and gave it good reggae and hip hop feel. It’s definitely captured our signature sound.”

Zennith’s new single ‘Poet A Rhymer’ is out now through MGM. Check out the single clip For more information, please visit www.zennithband.com.au

Mitch Sullivan

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