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The Black Sorrows – Port On A Fork – Food, Music & Wine Festival

Immersed in the picturesque backdrop of Rex Smeal Park and accompanied by live entertainment by Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows; this year’s Port On A Fork Food, Music & Wine Festival will be offering a sensory spectacular of performances including fire twirling, dance and entertainment. Headlined by the Black Sorrows, this world renowned act will be rocking the main stage with their classic Australian hits for all to enjoy on Saturday 21st May as part of the annual Carnivale celebrations.

“It’s a beautiful part of the world Port Douglas and a perfect destination for a holiday, we’ve been up before for Carnivale and really enjoyed it, so it should be fun” said front man Joe Camilleri.

With a reputation as one of Australia’s most enduring touring bands and a Carnivale festival favourite, Joe Camilleri recently notched up more than 50 years in the music industry; with the outfit still as busy as ever averaging close to 150 shows a year.

“We recently got back from Europe a few months ago and I realised how hard we do work. We did something like 23 shows in 27 days and were often driving 5 to 6 hours a day across 6 different countries. And we still have the capacity to put in a real performance. We’re definitely a working band in that sense.”

With no signs of slowing down, Camilleri continues to write with his long-term writing partner Nick Smith and will release The Black Sorrows’ 18th album in 2016, bringing Camilleri’s career discography ever closer to an incredible 50 releases.

“I’m into my 48th album and I’ve recorded 26 songs for it, which is more like 3 albums worth. A good friend of mine Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool) passed away last month and I wrote a song for him in his style, but I simply did it for myself to pay homage. I’m unsure if I’ll ever do anything with it. I just wanted to do it really for myself, and there are a few songs like that. So I’m working hard to get the release ready for September, but in what size or form I’m still unsure”.

Imbedded as a staple of Australian Music, there is a level of accessibility to The Black Sorrows that can appeal to the newest of fan. At the helm, Camilleri steers the band through an energetic interplay of solid grooves and well- crafted songs that mix those well-worn ingredients of blues, soul, R&B, gospel, country and even Brill Building pop. Spontaneous (forget set lists) and emotionally driven, Joe ensures that no two performances are ever the same. Camilleri’s mantra is simple “we come to play.”

“I’ve made lists before but they always get broken, I prefer to read the crowd and be spontaneous in the moment, which can make it challenging for the band, but it also gives us great strength by being able to do that”.

“If you’re in the band, you’ve got to know everything. There are only 2 things I ask for, 1 is to learn the song how it was written, and the other is to forget how it was written. Learn it so you don’t crucify it, but then be able to go somewhere with it.”

The inaugural Port On A Fork will have guests eating, drinking and dancing in the moonlight. It’s one big foodie party featuring an assortment of tropically-inspired dishes that capture the essence of Port Douglas living. Savor the local lifestyle on your palate with the freshest and best of the area’s produce and ingredients, from the sweet and savory to the tart and tangy. Plus a variety of regional providers and food artisans will be offering tastings of their handcrafted goodies for all to enjoy.

Port On A Fork – Food, Music & Wine. Saturday 21st May at Rex Smell Park, Port Douglas. Click here for tickets. More information from www.carnivale.com.au

Mitch Sullivan

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