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The Brazilians unleash Delta

The Brazilians unleashed their brand new album ‘Delta’ last Saturday at The Red Beret in Redlynch. This Saturday they return to their hometown of Gordonvale for a special launch for their local friends at the Parkview Tavern (where the band initially met and did their first gigs two years ago).

A band that has the reputation of playing loud and proud, The Brazilians are now busting out of the cane fields and are ready to turn up the menace and mayhem around the globe with the release of their debut album, Delta.  Featuring  eleven powerful cuts, including the red hot lead single “Delta Queen”, and thunderously epic follow up single “Rise Up”, the entire set list blazes from beginning to end.

You can check out the latest single “Rise Up” below:

Whether taking ambitious dives into deeper meanings through socially-conscious tracks like “Elephant In The Room,” or turning up the spirit of rock to eleven by going balls to the wall on the riotous ode to all things cock rock  “Rooster Stone” ,The Brazilians hold nothing back and put strong ideas, attitude, and solid musicianship to the front.  Peppered with the salty attitude of seasoned veterans of the music scene, The Brazilians bring some northern heat to the cuts on Delta that will have you reaching for the volume knob to test its limits!

“A lot of albums now have one or two good songs on them, and you end up skipping half the album. We wanted to do something akin to a classic Led Zeppelin album where the content is musically diverse all the way through, but strong enough to make you listen from beginning to end. It had to have enough detail to warrant repeat listening. We have road tested these songs over the last 2 years and they stand up well at gigs played next to classic covers that people know and love.” said lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Todd Macalpine

Embodying the spirit and style of real Rock’n’Roll – Delta is an adventure in sound that incorporates Blues, Alternative, Metal, Punk, Psychedelic, Classic Hard Rock, and more, into an entire album designed to captivate from the moment it kicks-in until the very second it’s all over.

The Delta album was produced by Macalpine and Drummer Jeff Cripps.

“Although I have produced a lot of albums for other bands in the past it was invaluable to have Crippsy onboard to bounce ideas off and get another producers perspective. It’s always harder to produce your own material and remain objective. Having an award winning producer like Jeff Cripps helping out was a godsend.” said Todd Macalpine.

Delta is available now on iTunes, Bandcamp and all streaming services. The CD can be purchased from all the bands shows or downloaded and streamed in many formats on their website https://www.thebrazilians.com.au/delta-by-the-brazilians/

Mitch Sullivan

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